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The African Heritage Diet:
An Innovative Tool for Combating Diabetes, Obesity, and Other Diet-Related Chronic Diseases

Oldways created the African Heritage Diet Pyramid in 2011 to inspire better health through heritage.

This course offers an in-depth overview of the African Heritage Diet as an evidence-based, culturally meaningful, nutrition intervention guide. Health professionals will find information and tools here to help clients of African heritage prevent and manage many of today’s chronic, diet-related diseases.

We invite all of our A Taste of African Heritage instructors to take the course as well to become Certified ATOAH Teachers. 

Simply follow the instructions to learn more about the African Heritage Diet and earn two CPE credit hours and/or A Taste of African Heritage Teaching Certification.

For Registered Dietitians: CPE credit is available until June 12, 2019.


  1. Read the Learning Objectives at the right for this CPE self study program
  2. Watch Learning Module 1: The African Heritage Diet Pyramid Webinar to begin the course.
  3. Download and read the Supplemental Reading Packet for more detailed information about specific health conditions.
  4. To ensure you have met the Course Objectives, download and complete the course’s CPE Quiz. When you are finished, download and view the CPE Answer Key.
  5. Complete the CPE Online Evaluation Form to receive your CPE credits and/or ATOAH Teaching Certification.  
  6. Finally, download Oldways’ CPE Certificate of Completion for this course. This verifies successful completion and earns you 2 credit hours.

Congratulations on your completion!

African Heritage Diet CPE References and Bibliography

If you have questions about this CPE course, please contact Kelly Toups, MLA, RD at kelly@oldwayspt.org.