Do you ever look at a vegetable or fruit and say, “I have prepared and eaten you the same way so many times…but I am stuck in a rut and can’t seem to come up with any new ideas on how to fix you?” If this is you then we suggest you immediately check yourself into a facility because you should not be talking to your food!  (Kidding, of course!)

Our real reason for this post is to remind you that your foodie friends at Oldways are here to help.  For some time we have had a collection of resources called,  “12 Great Ways to Use….” This collection puts the spotlight on one particular ingredient and offers just that – 12 new ideas for using a common ingredient.  In an effort to add to this collection we turned to folks like you and asked you to tell us which fruits and veggies you wanted to master. So ask and you shall receive!

Today we introduce our new series.  Each month we will feature a new 12 ways ingredient on the blog – starting with some interesting tidbits about the special ingredient and then, you guessed it, offering 12 great ways for using it in your kitchen.  First up is summer squash. And since your garden and farmer’s markets are full of them now, this 12 ways couldn’t come at a better time!

Did you know….

  • Historical evidence points to the first squash being cultivated some 8,000 to 10,000 years ago.
  • All varieties of squash belong to the Cucurbitaceae family.
  • Move over milk – squash happens to be a good source of calcium.
  • In the United States you generally come across three types of summer squash, these include: Zucchini, Crookneck or Straightneck and Scallop (otherwise known as patty pans).
  • Small summer squash are usually tastier than very large ones.

And without further adieu here are Oldways ideas for 12 Great Ways to Use Summer Squash!

12ways SummersquashFORWEB.jpg


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