Since Oldways began back in the 90s, we’ve focused on the important role cultural heritage plays in good health.  Our name says it all.  The core of Oldways programs and resources is health through heritage.

With international experts, we’ve researched and explored traditional eating patterns, developing evidence-based and practical tools based on the traditions of the Mediterranean region, Latin America, Asia, and most recently, the African Diaspora. Here’s what we’ve seen over and over:  No matter what your ancestry, tapping into your heritage and celebrating important cultural links to family and food, can help motivate you to change and reclaim good health. So we were gratified to hear First Lady Michelle Obama talking about just this connection while in Tampa introducing her latest Let’s Move! Initiative.  As reported by the Tampa Bay Times, she says in her remarks about the partnership with Goya Foods to promote the USDA’s MyPlate or MiPlato: “Food can be a symbol of cultural identity,” Mrs. Obama said. “It knits families together.” “What I’ve come to appreciate is whether you’re African-American, Puerto Rican, Dominican or    Cuban, food is love,” she said. “But fortunately, more and more families are realizing that we can still show that love. We can still honor those traditions, but we can do it in a way that’s healthy for everyone, especially for our kids.” We couldn’t have said it better.Scientific studies show that chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease skyrocket as traditional diets are left behind.  Now is the time to reclaim good health by reconnecting with your cultural heritage. And if you need a little help, we encourage you to borrow our recipes, tips and other tools that celebrate delicious and nutritious foods from around the world.

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