Madhu has worked in a variety of clinical and corporate settings. She is an accomplished nutrition and diabetes counselor, a nationally recognized speaker, and an author. Her expertise includes healthful eating, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other health/nutrition-related topics. 

Madhu is also an Indian cuisine expert. She’s now focusing on her passion, Indian cuisine. Her goal is to demystify Indian cuisine and teach people how to cook Indian food easily and effortlessly. Madhu is an author of New Indian Home Cooking and The Indian Vegan Kitchen. For more information please see her website, Cuisine of India. Her cookbooks include nutrition information for healthful eating and nutrition analysis of recipes. Her books have been featured in magazines such as The “O” Oprah Magazine, Prevention, and Bon Appetit. 

Madhu states, “Nutrition and cooking are my passion, and I’m equally committed to both. I am a firm believer that healthy and tasty foods go hand in hand.”