The African Heritage self study webinar is NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR CPEU CREDIT. Unfortunately, CDR only allows self study webinars to count for CPEU credit for up to 3 years after the activity is posted. You can still view the video, but you just won’t be able to claim CPEU credit for it anymore.

This Webinar was taped on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 and marks the unveiling of the Oldways African Heritage Diet Pyramid: A New Cultural Model for Promoting Health Through Heritage.


Diabetes, obesity and heart disease are not a true part of African American heritage. Scientific studies show that chronic conditions like these, now prevalent in African American communities, appear in populations as traditional diets are left behind. The traditional diets of the African Diaspora offer a powerful, affordable, healthy eating model and meet the guidelines promoted today by health professionals everywhere. Oldways, along with an advisory team of experts in African American and Diasporan history, nutrition, and public health, developed The African Heritage Diet Pyramid—an evidence-based and practical tool to reclaim health. This project was made possible through a Walmart Foundation grant. This cultural eating model was designed specifically for African Americans, to re-introduce them to lost roots of cuisine, optimal health, and beautiful foods-their Healthy Heritage. This webinar is designed for:

  • Health Professionals
  • Registered Dietitians
  • Scientists
  • Community Organizations
  • Journalists & Bloggers
  • Anyone interested in promoting good health and nutrition

Click here to download a PDF of the the African Heritage Diet Pyramid webinar. (1.2MD PDF) For more information about the African Heritage and Health program, please contact Sarah Anderson (