Oldways Vegetarian Network

This  dynamic new program features
a collaboration between scientists,
health care professionals, culinary
professionals, and the food industry
to promote the health benefits
of plant-based diets.

More Plants on More Plates

  • Oldways Vegetarian Network

    Join our efforts to connect science with good food and inspire consumers to put more plants on their plates, every meal or every day.

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  • Vegetarian & Vegan Diet Pyramid

    This pyramid is a guide to a healthy traditional plant-based eating pattern for vegetarians and vegans.

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  • Oldways Vegetarian Network Resources

    Oldways has created resources to inspire everyone to discover how easy, tasty, and affordable it is to eat a diet rich in whole-plant foods.

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  • In the News: Plant-based Diet

    Looking for some compelling information on the connection between plant-based diets and good health? Check out these stories and links to the latest studies.

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  • Cooks & Books

    Discover important lessons and advice from some of the world’s most talented cooks and chefs as they turn their attention to the delicious world of plant-based foods.

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  • Scientific Advisors

    Our program relies on advice from some of the world’s leading nutrition experts, who are currently helping us revise and update our Vegetarian Diet Pyramid.

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  • Dietitian Survey: Plant-Based Diets

    If you're a registered dietitian or health and wellness advisor, we want to hear from you! Take a quick survey to help us understand your perspectives on plant-based diets.

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