Oldways has a wide variety of resources to help you understand what the Mediterranean Diet is, the science behind its health benefits, and how to shop for and cook Mediterranean-style meals at home. Whether you are a home cook wanting to make healthy meals, an educator teaching students about the benefits of a balanced lifestyle, or a healthcare provider counseling patients on good nutrition, there is something here for you.


What Is the Mediterranean Diet?

Confused about what the Mediterranean Diet actually is? These resources offer information  about what constitutes a Mediterranean Diet, some of the common foods and flavors of traditional Mediterranean cuisine, and basic guidelines for adhering to a Mediterranean Diet.
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Shopping and Cooking Resources

Let us inspire you to whip up amazing, healthy meals. Discover grocery lists, recipes, menus, cooking tips, and more. We have resources for everyone from novices to experts.
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Science of the Mediterranean Diet

You know the Mediterranean Diet is good for you. But why? Here we unpack the science of the Mediterranean Diet. Look for summaries of the latest health studies and educational materials about the research about and health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.
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