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National Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15th to October 15th. This month, we pay tribute to the history, culture, and traditions of Americans with Hispanic roots. At Oldways, we’re celebrating how we know best – through food! 

Throughout this special time, we’re highlighting the influence that Hispanic people have had on shaping the dishes and flavors we love across the United States! From different types of cuisines to everyday favorites, staples like chimichurri, arroz, pico de gallo, aji dulce pepper, tostones, tamarind, and a variety of herbs and spices —foods with Latin American origins  are a cherished part of the American culinary scene.

Wild Veggie Tostadas

According to Oldways’ Latin American Heritage Advisor Dr. Sylvia Klinger, ”Latin American Heritage Foods means preserving the foods and traditions we grew up with no matter where we end up living. No matter how long we have lived in the US, eating our traditional foods brings us a special comfort that nourishes the body and soul. “

But our celebration is more than just enjoying delicious dishes. It’s a reminder to embrace Latin American culture and traditions all year round to raise awareness about the positive impact of following a traditional Latin American diet. By doing so, we can help reduce heath inequities in the Latin American community and improve health and wellness for Americans of all backgrounds. 

Join us on this tasty journey as we celebrate and honor the colorful tapestry of Hispanic heritage!

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What is the Latin American Heritage diet? 

The Latin American Heritage Diet promotes richly flavorful, affordable, and easy-to-prepare foods and reflects this vast area’s fantastic range of culinary traditions, nutrition, and flavors. Variations have traditionally existed in the parts of Latin America where maize (corn), potatoes, peanuts, and beans are grown, including modern-day Mexico and the other countries in Central and South America. This eating pattern blends the broad traditional diets of four significant cultures: the Indigenous people (Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, and other Native Americans), the Spanish, Portuguese, and continental Africans. 

Browse Oldways’ recipe collection to bring the flavors of the Latin American Heritage Diet into your own home kitchen. To dive deeper into the diverse flavors and traditions that exist across Latin America and learn more about the history and nutrition of these traditions, we invite you to become an instructor of A Taste of Latin American Heritage, a 6-week cooking and nutrition curriculum.


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Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month!



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