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MFA Mediterranean Pantry

We post all member Mediterranean products that qualify on our MFA Mediterranean Pantry web page. We also link our bi-weekly Fresh Friday emails to this resource to help consumers recognize and identify healthy Mediterranean foods and ingredients.

Pyramid Packaging Promotion

Our original Med Mark and our miniature Med Diet pyramid symbol are both available as packaging tools for your Med products. The miniature yet immediately recognizable version of the pyramid has been designed to help consumers make an immediate connection that the product aligns with one of the world’s healthiest diets.


Med Diet Guide. We have developed a colorful, easy-to-read brochure  called Welcome to the Mediterranean Diet, which outlines the core features of eating the Med way, and creates an accessible, easy-to-read reference. It is available to download on our site, and is regularly distributed at conferences and events such as FNCE.  We also work on a contract basis with MFA members to customize this guide for their own distribution.

Med Month. We initiated our Mediterranean Diet Month celebration in 2009 and each year it has proven to be more far reaching than ever before, as the Oldways promotional team develops new strategies for reaching consumers and health professionals from coast to coast.  Adding to the excitement in 2013 will be:

  • Expanded global outreach to food bloggers and news media
  • Recognition of Med Diet nationwide in hospitals, schools, and retailers
  • Launch of the new Mediterranean Diet Supermarket Dietitians Toolkit for supermarket promotions, tastings and demos

Fresh Fridays. Our popular email campaign will continue to reach consumers, RDs, health professionals and media. As always, we’ll feature whole foods and recipes from MFA members in our bi-weekly Fresh Friday emails.

UNESCO and Dietary Guidelines Recognition. On November 15, 2010, the Mediterranean Diet joined Spain’s flamenco dance, and Chinese acupuncture as the newest additions to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Receiving UNESCO World Heritage recognition brings international attention and validation to the healthy, delicious and traditional Mediterranean Diet. And, the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans cited the Mediterranean Diet as an excellent pattern for healthy eating. These two major acknowledgements are now major components in our ongoing media outreach, helping to bring more awareness to the Med Diet.

Customized Projects

The points above highlight activities that will benefit all MFA members. We'd like to remind you that Oldways can also do custom projects, on a contract basis, to help your company meet its unique marketing needs in the area of food and health. Our two decades of nutrition communication experience may be just what you need to give an objective third-party perspective to your message. Here are a few examples of how we could promote your healthy foods.

  • A custom-written booklet involving a certain food or group of foods
  • Day-long events or symposiums exploring the science and culinary traditions of specific foods

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