Oldways created the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid in 1993 (with the WHO and the Harvard School of Public Health) and since then, we’ve been actively promoting the science behind the Mediterranean Diet’s health benefits, and educating people about the delicious foods of the Mediterranean region.

We founded the Oldways Mediterranean Foods Alliance (MFA) in 2005 to help companies build their brands and their businesses around the popular, healthy, affordable Mediterranean Diet lifestyle. We believe that one of the best ways to improve the food supply in our country and around the world is to help companies do well by selling healthier products. While our educational programs raise demand for healthier foods, our partnerships with companies through programs like the MFA help increase the supply of healthier traditional foods – like tomatoes, olives and olive oil, whole grains, eggs, potatoes, pulses, dates, nuts, fish and pasta. In the end, this creates a positive, win-win momentum for healthy eating.

Companies who join the MFA support Oldways’ ongoing mission of making the Mediterranean Diet a household word and lifestyle. Their support allows us to