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6 Servings

1 tablespoon peanut oil

1 medium onion, chopped

2 celery ribs, chopped

1 medium carrot, chopped

1 tablespoon minced ginger

3 garlic cloves, minced

2 teaspoons curry powder

3 cups low sodium vegetable broth

1 cup water

8 ounces sweet potatoes, cut into 1-inch pieces

1 (14.5-ounce) can no salt added diced tomatoes

½ cup creamy unsalted peanut butter

1 (15-ounce) can low sodium great northern beans, drained and rinsed

⅓ cup light coconut milk

½ teaspoon salt

  1. Heat the oil in a Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add the onion, celery, carrot, ginger, and garlic. Cook, stirring occasionally, until slightly softened, 4-5 minutes. Add the curry powder and cook, stirring, 30 seconds. Stir in the broth, potatoes, and diced tomatoes. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat to medium and simmer, uncovered, 20 minutes. 
  2. Whisk in the peanut butter until smooth. Add the beans, cover, return to a simmer and cook 15 minutes. Stir in the coconut milk, cover, and cook 2 minutes longer. Remove from the heat and stir in the salt. Let soup cool 10 minutes. 
  3. Transfer the soup to a blender in batches and puree. Return to the pot and warm over medium heat.

Recipe and photo courtesy of the Peanut Institute


Calories: 320
Fat: 14g
Saturated Fat: 2.5g
Sodium: 460mg
Carbohydrate: 37g
Fiber: 9g
Protein: 12g

Yield: 6 Servings

How'd it Taste?

Zazie Hendrix
This was really good and it's vegan! Since it's a puree soup, it's really good to have with a nice side salad or something "chewable" to balance everything. I really enjoyed the flavor!
Patti Wojahn
A great hit at a dinner for 6! Some said they wanted to skip the entree & just have more soup & some bread. Very flavorful, perfectly combined.
Vera Paige
How do I print
Hi Vera, On the righthand side of the page, there is a column that says "share this" with icons next to it. Click on the printer icon to print this page. We hope you enjoy the recipe!
Ana G
My whole family loved this soup, even my 15 year old who never likes my soups! He asked me to make more of this peanut soup. Success!
Thats great! So glad you all enjoyed.

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