You make him cook, that’s what! :) Meet Alessandro, the Oldways intern for the next month, brought to us all the way from Rome (and Spain too!)


Sorry about the poor picture quality, it was actually sunny in Boston yesterday (SHOCKER!).

Alessandro is an amazing cook, and decided out of the goodness of his heart that he wanted to make lunch for everyone in the office yesterday. Surprisingly, our all-female staff didn’t have any reservations about this plan of attack.

On the menu? Pasta with Tomato & Tuna:


Followed by hamburgers with oregano, capers, garlic, salted olive oil and pepper:


I don’t think I’ve ever had pasta and tuna together before, and it was an amazing first experience! I think all of us liked the pasta a little TOO much because we gorged ourselves on it and didn’t have enough room to eat the burgers. However, we will most definitely be eating them tomorrow for lunch so I will report back with all the details.

Yep, just another hard day at the Oldways office. :)

- Alison

UPDATE: The burgers were delicious.

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