Mediterraneanizing? Spellcheck doesn’t know this word yet, but at Oldways, this really is one strategy for fulfilling our mission — improving public health through education about traditional diet, ingredients, and lifestyles.

Mediterraneanizing means turning unhealthy meals and dishes into ones that are healthy and that embrace Mediterranean Diet principles and ingredients. It’s a makeover! Since May is International Mediterranean Diet Month we thought it was the perfect time to formally Mediterraneanize some American favorites into healthy Mediterranean Diet-inspired dishes. Working with the California Walnut Commission and Registered Dietitian Janice Bissex, we chose five American classics to transform easily into healthy (and delicious) classics from different parts of the Mediterranean. 

Spaghetti & Meatballs → Pasta Puttanesca, with inspiration from Italy

Steak & Potatoes → Shish Kebabs, inspired by Turkey

Scrambled Eggs & Sausage → Spanish Frittata

Turkey Sandwich → Eastern Mediterranean Walnut Hummus Pita Pocket 

Cheese & Crackers → Antipasto Platter with flavors of North Africa


Even if it’s hard to say Mediterraneanize, it’s very easy to adopt these healthy makeovers. Just like Vogue and Mademoiselle magazines, we have the before and after photos, along with easy, affordable recipes, all in one brochure posted on the Oldways website. We hope you’ll love the Mediterraneanized makeovers not just for their healthfulness, but most of all for their great flavors. 

And don’t just stop with these 5! Come up with your own Mediterraneanized makeovers and tell us about them. We’d love to highlight them in a future blog post and share your Mediterranean inspiration!

Happy Mediterranean Month!

Sara Baer-Sinnott, Oldways President


After 2 years on the Mediterranean Eating Plan, I'm down 88 lbs, and love to Mediterraneanize. One of my more recent was a Mediterranean Hot Pocket. Took a multi grain flatbread, wrapped around a piece of poached Salmon with Tzatziki and zapped it in the microwave. Better than any Hot Pocket you could ever find in the freezer section!
Sounds delicious -- and easy. Yum.

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