Happy February! We are celebrating love all month long and took some inspiration from one of the most romantic places in the world, and built this cheese plate inspired by France! We proudly present: The Ultimate French Cheese Plate.

France is home to some truly spectacular cheeses, and we’ve picked a few of our favorites for this board. Learn more about each one below, while you learn how to build this board.
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Step 1: Start with Mimolette 



Historically cave-aged with a signature cratered rind, Isigny Mimolette cheese is the perfect balance of salty to sweet, with a firm paste and just a hint of crunch in its nearly breakable texture. A versatile pairing partner that stands up to bold wines, beer, Normandy cider, and a variety of food. It also has a striking, orange color!


Step 2: Add Mary Dans Les Etoiles

Mimolette and Roquefort AOP


The Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) system in France guarantees production using traditional methods, therefore preserving time-honored traditions. Chabichou du Poitou is a small format goat cheese with that special protection. Inside its cylinder shape and bumpy rind, you’ll find a thick, creamy paste bursting with bright, tangy flavor. When dusted with food grade vegetable ash, the cheese is called Mary dans les Etoiles, exclusive to Whole Foods Market. ‘Etoiles’ means stars, a sign it should be on your cheese plate this month as you enjoy a romantic night under the stars.


Step 3: Add Revolution Roquefort AOP

Three French Cheeses


Revelation Roquefort is a soft, unpressed cheese made with raw ewe’s milk. It has a bold and powerful scent and taste—characterized by its complex flavors where the sheep’s milk is not overpowered by the power of the penicillium. Its white paste is dotted with large blue openings. Its texture is very smooth and creamy. Enjoy with whole grain crackers or by itself.

Step 4: Add Raspberries, Blackberries, and Whole Grain Crackers

Photo Feb 09, 1 55 21 PM.jpg


These will be delicious pairings for your cheeses—some sweet, some sour, some crunchy and nutty flavors!

Step 5: Add Rosemary, Figs, and Walnuts

Photo Feb 09, 2 01 14 PM.jpg

Figs will add a hint of sweetness. Walnuts will add a hint of nuttiness. And rosemary creates a beautiful presentation, and a beautiful scent!

Enjoy your delicious French Cheese Plate! Bon appétit!

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Mary Ann Kizer
Beautiful, nutritious, delicious arrangement!

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