Mediterranean Foods Alliance

This Oldways program helps people
discover Mediterranean foods and
flavors, and helps food companies build
their brands around the remarkably
healthy Mediterranean Diet.

Inspire, Support & Celebrate

  • The Mediterranean Diet

    The traditional Mediterranean Diet includes appealing and affordable foods. It also inspires an active lifestyle, and cooking and sharing meals.

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  • Mediterranean Diet Resources

    We have a wide variety of resources to help you understand what the Mediterranean Diet is, why it is good for you, and how to shop for and cook healthy Mediterranean meals.

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  • International Mediterranean Diet Month

    This strategic campaign designates May as prime time for retailers and the media to focus on the Mediterranean Diet lifestyle.

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  • Join the MFA

    Align your product and your business with one of the world’s healthiest diets. Annual membership is priced to welcome companies of all sizes.

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  • Current Members

    Their generous support makes it possible for Oldways to promote the science and health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet worldwide.

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  • News from Members

    We invite our MFA members to share their news concerning how their Mediterranean Diet products have received special recognition, or when they have been included in science-based studies, research, or nutrition education.

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  • Scientific Advisors

    Some of the world’s leading nutrition experts sit on our Advisory Board and help us present the science behind the Mediterranean Diet.

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  • Culinary Advisors

    Prize-winning chefs and cookbook authors share ideas and recipes to celebrate the flavors and traditions of the Mediterranean.

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