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To improve the health of the African-American community, Oldways celebrates the pleasures, culture and healthfulness of African heritage diets and foods.

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  • African Heritage & Health Program

    This program develops initiatives to promote the healthy foods and delicious eating traditions of African Heritage for good health and community.

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  • African Heritage Diet Pyramid

    The foods of African Heritage contain lots to be celebrated, & they begin with the main ingredient of African American cooking today—flavor!

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  • African Heritage & Health Resources

    Resources include information on African Diasporan Cultures, Setting Up Your Kitchen, African Heritage foods, shopping list, and food glossary, and the Advisory Committee made up of experts on African descendent health and history.

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  • A Taste of African Heritage

    Oldways' A Taste of African Heritage cooking classes bring cultural history, nutrition, simple cooking skills, delicious food tastings, and personal story sharing together for a dynamic, life changing program. 

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  • African Heritage & Health Ambassadors

    Oldways' African Heritage & Health Ambassador Network is a collective of talented community educators dedicated to improving nutrition and health through heritage.

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  • African Heritage & Health Week

    African Heritage & Health Week on February 1–7 is the perfect time to discover why its savory flavors and naturally healthy features make African Heritage Cuisine the next big food trend.

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  • African Heritage Dine-Around-Town

    African heritage restaurants bring a variety of foods and flavors to our communities. Search the list of restaurants across the U.S. that serve healthy cuisines from the many regions of Africa and the African Diaspora.

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  • Health Through Heritage CPE Courses

    This program will provide cultural nutrition education training and tools to more effectively help African Americans make the changes they need to better their health.

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  • Health Studies

    A sampling of research showing how people of African heritage eating traditional foods are healthier than those who adopt a typical Western diet.

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  • African Heritage & Health Advisory Committee

    To help develop the African Heritage Diet Pyramid, Oldways brought together a team of experts, each focused on African descendant health and history.

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  • African Heritage & Health Partners

    Oldways is fortunate to collaborate with many outstanding organizations and individuals working to foster the health and wellness of African Americans.

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