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Active time
15 minutes
Total time
35 minutes
2 servings
Serving Size
1/2 recipe

1 cup seedless grapes, removed from stem

½ tablespoon balsamic vinegar

½ cup bulgur wheat

1 cup milk

1 cup water

1 teaspoon honey

½ teaspoon cinnamon

  1. Set oven to 375°F. Spread grapes evenly across an oiled baking sheet, drizzle with balsamic vinegar, and cook for 15-20 minutes, until grapes begin to split and wrinkle.
  2. While the grapes are cooking, bring bulgur, milk, and water to a boil in a small pot, then reduce the heat to simmer and let cook covered, stirring occasionally for about 10 minutes (or according to package instructions). When bulgur reaches desired consistency, stir in the honey and cinnamon. (For a thinner porridge, add more milk.) Divide porridge among 2 bowls, then top with equal amounts of the roasted grapes.

An Oldways recipe, courtesy of Kelly Toups


Calories: 230
Total Fat: 0.5g
Saturated Fat: 0g
Sodium: 60mg
Carbohydrate: 50g
Fiber: 5g
Sugar: 21g (Added Sugar: 3g)
Protein: 9g

Yield: 2 servings

Serving Size: 1/2 recipe

How'd it Taste?

This was so good!! I'm trying to incorporate a wider variety of whole grains into my diet, and this recipe looked great, although I wasn't sure about the grapes, but decided to give it a go! Well, lets just say it was so delicious with the balsamic grapes, that I roasted more grapes a couple of days later, and plan on making it again very soon! I cooked the bulgur in water and almond milk, and added toasted nuts. Thank you for this recipe!

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