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Active time
25 minutes
Total time
1 hour 15 minutes
12 Servings

Smoked Peanuts

2 cups peanuts, in shell

2 cups wood chips, for smoking

Salt and ground black pepper to taste


2 ½ cups corn kernels

2 tomatoes, diced

1 cup roasted red peppers cut into ½-inch squares

2 ½ cups jicama cut into ½-inch pieces

2 avocados, cut into ½-inch pieces

2 cups cooked black beans

½ cup peanut oil

¼ cup red wine vinegar

¼ cup toasted cumin seeds

Salt and pepper to taste

Cilantro sprigs for garnish


Make the smoked peanuts: 

  1. Soak the wood chips for 30 minutes in water. 
  2. Place the wood chips in a pile in a foil-lined pan directly on the burner over high flame and heat until smoking.
  3. Place the peanuts in a perforated pan or wire rack over the smoke and cover the pan tightly with foil. Turn the heat to medium low and smoke the peanuts for 20 minutes. 
  4. Remove from the heat, shell the peanuts, and toss with salt and pepper.

Make the salad:

  1. In a large bowl, toss together the corn, tomatoes, peppers, jicama, avocado, black beans and smoked peanuts.
  2. In a food processor or blender, puree peanut oil, red wine vinegar and toasted cumin seeds. Drizzle the vinaigrette on top of the salad ingredients and garnish with fresh cilantro sprigs. 


Recipe and photo courtesy of The Peanut Institute.


Calories: 360
Fat: 27g
Saturated Fat: 4.5g
Sodium: 120mg
Carbohydrate: 24g
Fiber: 10g
Protein: 10g

Yield: 12 Servings

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