Vegtoberfest was a success! Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun. 

Oldways, Meatless Monday, and The Humane Society of the United States launched this month-long campaign that celebrated the reasons people choose to eat plant-based diets, in honor of Vegetarian Awareness Month in October 2016. 

here’s how we celebrated:

1. Challenged ourselves to eat more plants.

That could mean participating in Meatless Monday each week, going full vegetarian/vegan, or whatever works for you. Already eat a vegetarian or vegan diet? Great, you can still join!


2. Wrote our Vegtoberfest stories: our reasons for eating more plants.

Are you a fan of Vegtoberfest for your health? For environmental reasons? To save money? Whatever your reason, we’re thrilled!

3. Shared our Vegtoberfest stories.

To relive the fun, check out the #Vegtoberfest hashtag on our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter accounts!

5. Had fun and enjoyed all the delicious plant foods we tried during Vegtoberfest.

We invited our friends and families to take the Vegtoberfest challenge and eat more plants all month. As The Beatles sang: “All you need is plants!” (Or something like that.)


Vegtoberfest: Who, What, and Why?

In October 2016, Oldways, Meatless Mondays, and The Humane Society of the United States celebrated Vegetarian Awareness Month with an exciting campaign called Vegtoberfest. Vegtoberfest was all about encouraging people to eat more plants all month, and to share their personal motivations and stories behind going “veg” for Vegtoberfest. 

All month long, we shared infographics, recipe videos, and more resources that show how healthy, nourishing, and downright delicious a diet of plants can be. 

We also asked some of our friends — from well-known doctors and cookbook authors to plant-based advocates and chefs around the world — to share their Vegtoberfest stories too, in hopes of getting YOU excited to join in the fun. Find these featured stories here.