Our first annual Vegtoberfest was a success! Thanks to everyone that joined in the fun. Check back in 2017 for updates on next year’s plant-based celebrations…
Join the Campaign

Oldways, Meatless Monday, and The Humane Society of the United States are thrilled to launch this month-long campaign that celebrates the reasons people choose to eat plant-based diets, in honor of Vegetarian Awareness Month. Joining in is easy — just follow the steps below. (Or, check out our nifty how-to-Vegtoberfest graphic at the bottom of this page.)


1. Challenge yourself to eat more plants.

That could mean participating in Meatless Monday each week, going full vegetarian/vegan, or whatever works for you. Already eat a vegetarian or vegan diet? Great, you can still join!


2. Come up with your Vegtoberfest story, aka your reason for eating more plants.

Are you joining the Vegtoberfest-ivities for your health? For environmental reasons? To save money? Whatever your reason, we want to know.

3. Share your Vegtoberfest story, plus a photo of you with plant foods, with the tag #Vegtoberfest.

“I’m celebrating #Vegtoberfest because I want to challenge myself to eat an all-plants diet for a month. I’m also excited to save money and reduce my carbon footprint. So many people are trying to eat less meat, and Vegtoberfest is a great excuse to challenge myself. I look forward to enjoying lots of delicious meals full of plant foods — and I bet I won’t miss the animal products at all.” – Ashley Owen, Oldways PR & Media Manager

You can enter via:

  • FACEBOOK TAB: Visit the Oldways Facebook page and submit your story and photo on the Vegtoberfest tab.
  • FACEBOOK POST: Post your story and photo on the WALL of any of the organizers’ Facebook pages (Oldways ; Meatless Monday ; Humane Society) with #Vegtoberfest  
  • INSTAGRAM & TWITTER: Post your photo and Vegtoberfest story with the tag #Vegtoberfest

4. Follow Oldways, Meatless Monday, and The Humane Society on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

5. Have fun and enjoy all the delicious plant foods you’ll try during Vegtoberfest. As The Beatles sang, “All you need is plants!”

Invite your friends and family to take the Vegtoberfest challenge and eat more plants all month. Host a weekly plant-based potluck with friends, or organize weekly veggie luncheons at work. However you do it, we hope you join the Vegtoberfest-ivities!


Vegtoberfest: Who, What, and Why?

This October, Oldways, Meatless Mondays, and The Humane Society of the United States are celebrating Vegetarian Awareness Month with an exciting new campaign called Vegtoberfest. Vegtoberfest is all about encouraging people to eat more plants all month, and to share their personal motivations and stories behind going “veg” for Vegtoberfest. 

All month long, we will be sharing infographics, recipe videos, and more resources that show how healthy, nourishing, and downright delicious a diet of plants can be. We’ll put all those resources on social media, and on this page so you can find them whenever you want.

We’ve also asked some of our friends — from well-known doctors and cookbook authors to plant-based advocates and chefs around the world — to share their Vegtoberfest stories too, in hopes of getting YOU excited to join in the fun. We will be sharing these Vegtoberfest stories, plus featuring some of our favorite submitted stories, all October long. Find these featured stories here.

Want to get involved? Great! We’d love to have you join the festivities and explore all the delicious plant-based foods out there. Find out more below, or email Ashley Owen, Oldways PR & Media Manager, for more information.