Courtesy of Roelli Cheese Company

We are tremendously excited to share with you the list of raw milk cheeses awarded top honors during the American Cheese Society’s annual competition.

Courtesy of Roelli Cheese Company,

Our biggest congratulations go to Roelli Cheese Company in Wisconsin for winning Best in Show with Little Mountain. The man behind Little Mountain, Chris Roelli, is a fourth-generation cheesemaker and was recently recognized as a Master Cheesemaker in Cheddar. Little Mountain is a washed rind, alpine-style cheese inspired by Appenzeller. Made using raw milk and aged for 6 months, it has a smooth and nutty flavor.

We also congratulate Bleating Heart Cheese from California for taking second place in the overall competition with Buff Blue. This is a unique raw milk cheese with subtle notes of water buffalo milk and an even marbling from the blue mold.

There were many more award-winning raw milk cheeses made in the US and recognized this year at the ACS Competition. Have a look at our list, sorted by state.

Courtesy of Bleating Heart Cheese,
Courtesy of Bleating Heart Cheese,

Baserri by Barinaga Ranch
Fat Bottom Girl, Funky Bleats, and Shepherdista by Bleating Heart Cheese
Bandage Wrap Cheddar aged for 12 months by Fiscalini Cheese Co.
Caprae Raw Milk Goat Cheddar by Sierra Nevada Cheese Company


Midnight Blue by Avalanche Cheese Company
Queso De Mano and Sunlight by Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy


Peekville Tomme by Many Fold Farm


Brie, Clearwater Select, Mountain Maple Brie, and Orchard Blue by Brush Creek Creamery

Courtesy of Janet Fletcher
Courtesy of Janet Fletcher,

Briana with Truffles by Jacobs and Brichford Farmstead Cheese


Tempest by Fuzzy Udder Creamery


Great Hill Blue Cheese by Great Hill Dairy, Inc.


Flory’s Truckle by Homestead Creamery

New York

Rawstruck by Coach Farm
Alpage by Chaseholm Farm Creamery


Hannah by Ancient Heritage Dairy
Vintage White Extra Sharp 4 Year Reserve Cheddar and White Sharp Cheddar by Tillamook County Creamery Association

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.55.19 PM.png

Dancing Fern and Shakerag Blue by Sequatchie Cove Creamery


Winnimere by Cellars at Jasper Hill
Danby, Manchester, and Rupert by Consider Bardwell Farm
Tomte by Fairy Tale Farm
Reading and Tarentaise by Farms For City Kids Foundation/Spring Brook Farm
Kashar by Parish Hill Creamery
Farmhouse 2 Year Extra Sharp Cheddar and Farmhouse Smoked Cheddar by Shelburne Farms
Mad River Blue by von Trapp Farmstead


Marieke Gouda Honey Clover, Jalapeno, and Truggle by Marieke Gouda
Sterling Reserve by Mt. Sterling Cheese Co-op

The competition was an excellent opportunity to highlight all traditional cheesemaking and ageing practices. Many of the cheeses made by our supporters won awards in their respective categories. You can find more about them on the Oldways Cheese Coalition website, and make sure to sign up for our Cheesematters Quarterly Newsletter here.

Carlos Yescas, Oldways Cheese Coalition program director

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