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Ready for a fresh start in 2023? #ChooseYourChallenge and jump start your healthy eating goals with us! 

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Choose one of our 4-week meal plans—Mediterranean, Whole Grains, or Vegetarian/Vegan—and start following the plan on Monday, January 9th. Follow us on social media for inspiration and encouragement, and don’t forget to post yourself and tag us @oldways_pt. Each week, we’ll randomly choose a winner among the people who post on social media to win a $50 Visa giftcard! 

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Which 4-week challenge will you embark on? Read more below to find the best fit for you! 

#ChooseYourChallenge: Mediterranean, Whole Grains, or Vegetarian/Vegan 

 If your goal is to eat more fiber….

Check out our 4-week meal plan Whole Grains Around the WorldYou will be introduced to many delicious, fiber-filled whole grains!

 If your New Year’s goal is to eat less meat…

Check out our Vegetarian/Vegan 4-week meal plan. You’ll make delicious, plant-based recipes.

 If your goal is to eat more heart-healthy seafood…

Check out our 4-week meal plan Make Every Day MediterraneanIn keeping with the principles of the Mediterranean Diet, it offers delicious seafood recipes that are good for your heart, and taste good too.

 If your goal is to explore global cuisines…

Check out our 4-week meal plan Whole Grains Around the WorldEach weekly meal plan introduces you to a new global cuisine!

 If your goal is to eat a more climate-friendly diet… 

Check out our Vegetarian/Vegan 4-week meal plan. These plant-based recipes have a low environmental footprint, and following the meal plan is good for you and good for the earth, too!

If your goal is to enjoy pasta, olive oil, and more Mediterranean foods…

Check out our 4-week meal plan Make Every Day Mediterranean..It is the perfect introduction to the Mediterranean Diet. 

If you want to eat with a smaller environmental footprint, eat less processed foods, build healthier habits in 2023? 

All 3 books are a great option! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need one of the books in order  to participate in the challenge?

Yes. The challenges will closely follow Oldways’ Make Every Day Mediterranean 4-Week Menu Plan BookWhole Grains Around the World, or The Oldways 4-Week Vegetarian and Vegan Diet Meal Plan (day by day and meal by meal. 

Do I need to use Instagram in order to participate in the challenge?  

No, you can still buy the book and participate. However, you will not be entered in the giveaway.

Is this challenge vegetarian or vegan?  

The Mediterranean and Whole Grain books include recipes that contain seafood and meat, alongside plant-based recipes. If you would like to participate in a vegetarian or vegan challenge, we encourage you to choose The Oldways 4-Week Vegetarian and Vegan Diet Meal Plan.

Are the challenges gluten-free?  

No. The menu plan books include recipes that contain gluten. 

Are the challenges keto-friendly? 


I have [name of medical condition]. Will the menu plan work for my health needs? 

Please consult your healthcare providers with any questions or concerns before beginning the menu plan. 

Is the menu plan book suitable for one person? How many servings does each recipe make? 

Most of the recipes make 2-4 portions. If you are cooking for one, you can save leftovers, and skip some of the recipes in place of leftovers. You can also scale the recipes up or down. If you have questions about adapting the recipes for larger or smaller families, please DM us on Instagram.

Can I substitute ingredient for ingredient?  

It is fine to make ingredient substitutions, but Oldways has tested the recipes only as they are written. We can’t guarantee a success for every substitution! Our online community is a wonderful resource for questions about substitutions. Post your question there, and the community will chime in with ideas and suggestions.  

If you have an allergy to a certain ingredient, you may be able to eliminate that ingredient, or substitute another ingredient in its place. Alternatively, you may wish to skip that particular recipe and cook another recipe from the book in its place.

Is the menu plan book a weight loss plan? 

People use our  books for many reasons— to eat more vegetables and whole grains, to learn new recipes, to enjoy Mediterranean flavors, and more.  

The book recipes  have fewer than 500 calories, which will constitute a weight-loss diet for most people. If weight loss is not your goal, check out the “extras” in the Bonus Pages section of the book for snacks to supplement the meal plan. 

 Are there weekly grocery shopping lists associated with the books? 


I have the older version of the Oldways 4-Week Mediterranean Menu Plan Book (purchased before 2019). Can I use this book for the challenge? 

The challenge will use the updated (2019) version. Approximately half of the recipes are different in the updated version. 

Why hasn’t my book arrived in the mail yet?  

Since the COVID-19 crisis, and holiday season we have experienced shipping delays.  We encourage all participants to purchase the e-book to guarantee delivery in time for January 4th. If more than 2 weeks has passed since your order shipped, please send an email to store@oldwayspt.org to ask about the status of your order.  


Susan Hart
I purchased all 3 of your books and I am ready to take part in the challenge!
Thank you Susan! That is great. We are so excited for you to participate.
Linda Sullivan
I’m ready and excited!
Michelle Green
Good Morning, I purchased the Oldways 4-Week Mediterranean Menu Plan Book last year but it expired before I downloaded. (job change, personal issues) Any chance I can get it again? Thank you Michelle
Hi Michelle, please send an email to office@oldwayspt.org
Michelle Green
Thank you & Will do.
Ellen Doty
I traded in my keto plan of a couple years (I started it right after a diabetes diagnosis) for the Mediterranean diet last May. However, in spite of doing a lot of personal research, I’m not 100% and know it. There are gaps. I’m going to use your book for the 28 day meal plan in the belief that it will give me just the boost I need.
Patricia Sheffield
I would like the Mediterranean plan please.
Hi Patricia, you can purchase using the link above or visit our Webstore at Oldwayswebstore.org

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