This has been a big year for Oldways, especially because 2015 marked our 25th Anniversary, certainly a worthy cause for celebration. In reflecting back on our year, we wondered what materials and resources were the most valuable to our community. We decided to look at the most popular pages on our website — from heritage pyramids to our hottest recipe, and everything in between — and share the top pages here. You might find some of your most-frequented Oldways resources, as well as some you never knew we had.

Most Visited Pages & Resources of 2015

1. Mediterranean Diet & Pyramid. We should have guessed that our most viewed page of 2015 was the landing page for Med Diet resources — after all, we’re known for creating the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid in 1993 along with the Harvard School of Public Health and the European Office of the World Health Organization. Other popular Mediterranean Diet resource pages this year: Mediterranean Diet Pyramid overview that details its creation; What is the Mediterranean Diet explaining the diet and the Mediterranean Food Alliance; and Mediterranean Diet 101 with eight easy steps to eat a Med Diet.

2. Vegetarian/Vegan Diet & Pyramid. Our second most-visited page of 2015 was Vegetarian Vitamin B-12 Food Sources, a resource that answers a major question associated with plant-based diets: Will I get all the nutrients I need? As more people switch to plant-based diets they visit our Vegetarian & Vegan Diet landing page (#3 on the list) to study the pyramid. Other hot vegetarian pages were: Vegetarian Vitamin D Food Sources, which lists foods Vitamin D content; and the Vegetarian & Vegan Diet Pyramid, which explains a healthy diet and the Oldways Vegetarian Network.

3. Recipe Catalogue. What good is knowledge about nutrition if you have no way to implement it into your life? Our recipe database is chock-full of healthy, heritage inspired recipes from all of our heritage diet programs — from über-healthy to slightly indulgent, plant-based and meat dishes, and loads of whole grains. Our most popular recipe of the year? Lemon and olive oil salad dressing, a staple we picked up in Madrid. Second on the list was this Pasta E Fagioli recipe. You all seemed to enjoy this 12 Great Ways to Use Hummus resource too.

4. Heritage Diet Pyramids. We believe this is the year more people will explore other cultural cuisines, with our Health Through Heritage programs guiding the way. Our African Heritage Diet Pyramid page, part of the increasingly popular A Taste of African Heritage cooking classes, was very hot in 2015. Users researching African Heritage & Health also popularized African Diaspora Cultures, which defines diaspora and differentiates regional African diets. Though we’re still developing our other heritage diet programs, the Asian Diet & Pyramid and the Latino Diet & Pyramid pages still made the list of 2015’s most popular pages.

5. Resources. Our plethora of resources ensures that the Oldways community is fully prepared to live healthfully. From tips for cooking and shopping to definitions of good food, and even free CPE courses and health studies, we know that education is key to promoting public health. This year’s top resource was Stocking Your Kitchen, complete with grocery lists of staple ingredients every kitchen needs. Another top resource was this 12 Great Ways to Use Canned Sardines, which are very sustainable and packed with nutrients.

Top Three Blog Posts of 2015

1. Mediterranean Diet Beat Paleo, Hands Down. Even when the father of Paleo described the ideal diet at Finding Common Ground, it sounded strikingly similar to the Mediterranean Diet.

2. What’s Up With Gluten and Wheat? The gluten-free trend may come and go, but whole grains are forever.

3. Finding Common Ground. Our post ramping up excitement for our scientific and media conference. The conference was a big success — we even got top nutrition experts to cut the confusion and agree on what constitutes healthy eating.

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