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As you may know Oldways is practically synonymous with the Mediterranean Diet, having started our Mediterranean journey way back in 1990 when K. Dun Gifford founded our organization.

Throughout the years we have worked to guide people to good health through heritage, encouraging people to seek out the joys of good foods and drinks — well prepared and consumed with pleasure — in the company of family and friends. One way we have done this is through our work surrounding the Mediterranean Diet.  We developed the first Mediterranean Diet Pyramid with the Harvard School of Public Health in 1993 and through the years our organization has continued to raise awareness about this beneficial lifestyle through consumer education programs, Culinaria trips and scientific and culinary conferences – all centered around the foods, flavors and lifestyle that are part of the Mediterranean Diet.

Four years ago, Oldways and our Mediterranean Foods Alliance wanted to find a special way to honor the Mediterranean Diet and National Mediterranean Diet Month was born. How better to showcase the delicious foods and amazing health benefits associated with this vibrant lifestyle, right?!  

This year we cooked up something extra special, “A Dietitian A Day for the Month of May,” where we welcome a different dietitian to our blog each day in May, to talk about their own love of the Mediterranean Diet, to dispense nutrition tips, and to share a delicious Mediterranean inspired recipe.  We salute these health care professionals for the important work they do to help keep America healthy!

So buckle up and get ready for an exciting month-long celebration.

Happy National Mediterranean Diet Month!

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