I am sure it is not just because it’s National Mediterranean Diet Month that our favorite diet is getting so much attention in publications from the Huffington Post to USA Today. Momentum is growing for the Med Diet, and will continue even when May ends. We’re beaming like proud parents – well, maybe like proud adoptive parents, since culture and history created the Med Diet, and Oldways can only take credit for helping raise it to adulthood. Anyway, all this attention is exciting for us here at Oldways.

Penelope Cruz  2010 Academy Awards Cropped.jpg

Another favorite recent article, in the celebrity press, told us that Penelope Cruz credits her svelte figure, four months post-baby, to dancing and… to the Mediterranean Diet! Cruz joins a long list of glitteratti (Jennifer Garner, Catherine Zeta-Jones, etc.) following the Mediterranean Diet, as we documented last December.  Although we couldn’t put our hands on any specific baby-weight-loss research backing up Cruz’s positive experience, a recent review of sixteen randomized clinical trials shows that the Mediterranean Diet has a “significant effect on weight” in a range of circumstances and populations. Here at Oldways our slogan is “Changing the Way People Eat,” and every day when we come to work we ask ourselves if we’re living up to this mission. At times like this, when we see the Mediterranean Diet garnering more awareness every day, we feel that our work is indeed making a difference. —Rachel

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