Every opportunity to learn is a gift. Throughout the year we receive many beautiful books written by passionate cooks. Reading them and reviewing them helps us realize this gift. We love speaking with the authors, gaining insights into their passions, and having the ability to turn around and share their books and useful bits of knowledge with all of you.

With the countdown to 2014 upon us, this seems like the perfect time to look back at some of our favorite books from 2013, the Q&A’s they inspired, and the fabulous folks who took the time to visit with us here at the Oldways Table Blog

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1.  Wild About Greens Q&A with Nava Atlas

2.  Garlic, The Mighty Bulb Q&A with Natasha Edwards

3.  The Chef’s Collaborative Cookbook Q&A with Melissa Kogut

4.  Vegetable Literacy Q&A with Deborah Madison

5.  Fifty Shades of Kale Q&A with Drew Ramsey and Jennifer Iserloh

6.  50 Best Plants on the Planet Q&A with Kathy Thomas

7. Roots Q&A with Diane Morgan

8.  The Food Lover’s Healthy Habits Cookbook Q&A with Janet Helm

9.  An Edible Mosaic Q&A with Faith Gorsky

10.  Herbivoracious Q&A with Michael Natkin

We appreciate all who read our blog, support our mission, and share our passion for delicious food and sound nutrition.  Here’s to a happy and healthy year to come!


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