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Piedmont is a region that has it all: from gorgeous, rolling landscapes to top-tier culinary delights. Turin, the region’s capital city, is a cultural gem known for its Baroque architecture, endless arcades and interesting museums. Throughout the rest of the Piedmont region, vineyards, plains, forests and mountains come together for an altogether lush experience.

What does it all have in common? Like most food havens around the world, Piedmont has recognizable signature ingredients, especially these five:


1. Rice. Don’t let this unassuming ingredient fool you! Piedmont is Europe’s largest rice producer, and they also put the ingredient to good use locally. Arborio and carnaroli rice are used to make the delicious, creamy Piedmontese risotto that is signature of the region.

Oldways travelers will experience (and taste!) the history behind this versatile ingredient firsthand on our group culinary trip to Piedmont in October. We’ll visit Cascina Oschiena, one of the oldest producers of rice in the region – the farm has produced rice since the 16th century at the time of the Benedictine Monks. It is grown in an Ecological Biodiversity Protected Area and is ‘Friend of the Earth’ certified. We’ll learn about the production and the farm and, afterward, enjoy a cooking demonstration and lunch of a classic Piedmontese Risotto.


2. Truffles. Alba is widely known as the truffle capital of Italy, renowned specifically for its white truffles. The Alba white truffle is one of the most expensive in the world and is not used during the cooking process of a given dish but is instead shaved and served atop the dish.

Our trip to Piedmont will take place at the height of truffle season, and we’ll be digging with the best of them. We’ll head to Alba, divide into groups, and go out with guides and their dogs to hunt for truffles. The hunt will be followed by a delectable truffle dinner in Alba.


3. Chocolate. Piedmont holds yet another “food capital of Italy,” and this time, it’s all about Turin and its chocolate! Turin’s journey to this point began in 1560, when the Ducal Capital moved from Chambéry to Turin. To commemorate the move, Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy served a symbolic cup of hot chocolate to the city of Turin.

From there, the love affair between the city and this ingredient began, and travelers on the culinaria to Piedmont will taste no shortage of such confections. We will enjoy a chocolate-focused culinary tour of Turin, including a guided tour at a chocolate factory and a stop for chocolate and for Bicerin, the cocoa and coffee drink famous in the city.

4. Wine. Though wine and Italy go hand-in-hand, the well-loved Langhe region in Piedmont is home to the famed Barolo wine. Often referred to as “the King of Wines,” it is made exclusively from the Nebbiolo grape and has a minimum aging requirement of three years.


While we’re in Piedmont, we will pay a visit to the Langhe wine region, starting with the spectacular LaMorra vista and a visit to the Barolo Castle and Wine Museum. After a light lunch, we’ll visit the G.D. Vajra Winery in the Barolo region, where we’ll have a tour and a tasting. We’ll have a meal at an agrotourism farm before returning to Turin.

5. Cheese. Piedmont is known for its wide variety of excellent cheeses, with many towns and smaller communities specializing in unique cheesemaking practices based on their diverse terroir.

Fiandino Farm SBS photo IMG_0120.JPG

During our culinaria in Piedmont, we’ll travel south from Turin to the Fiandino Farm in Villafalleto. Nestled between the Alps and the hills of the Langhe, with the Susa Valley acting as a wind barrier, the location was not chosen by chance. We’ll learn about the cheese production, as well as the unique factors and family history behind their process.

Ultimately, Piedmont is a food-lover’s paradise, with roots extending to even more iconic ingredients than just these five. For those seeking a delicious, rich, and wholly unique culinary travel experience, look no further than this iconic region, and join us on our culinary trip from Oct. 13-20!

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