Sometimes a culinary conundrum isn’t exactly what it seems….at least at the Oldways Table blog.  Today our Conundrum Series is taking a turn (for the good, we hope) as we ask our experts for simple suggestions or tips they recently came across that upped their game in the kitchen!  
Occasionally the simplest advice can make life in the kitchen that much easier and today we are excited to share some wisdom our experts had to impart when we asked, “What is the best cooking tip you’ve heard in the past few months?”

Thanks to a tip from our Editor-in-Chief, Merrill, we’ve been zesting citrus with the zester face-down, positioned horizontally above the citrus, so the zest sits atop the back of the zester and you don’t have to sweep it up off of your counter. Brilliant!Editors at Food52

Drape a towel over your standing mixer while you add in the flour so it doesn’t make a mess.Melissa Clark, food columnist for the New York Times and cookbook author

Soften a winter squash in the microwave for a couple of minutes before cutting. –  Janice Bissex, Dietitian and one of the moms behind Meal Makeover Moms

I love the idea of separating eggs with a plastic bottle.  Breaking eggs into a bowl and then using a plastic bottle to pull the yolks out without breaking them.  Brilliant, clean, no shells and fast.Ana Sortun, chef, restaurateur and cookbook author

I always thought vodka was tasteless in cooking. A reputable corporate chef told me that vodka adds umami to a dish. Cheers to that. — Michelle Dudash, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist and Chef Consultant

Have you come across any helpful cooking tips lately?  Please share!

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