Noticed those twisty, thin green peppers popping up at the farmer’s market? Abby and Ben from Langwater Farm in Easton, Massachusetts tell us all about shishitos in the video above. 

What are shishito peppers?
Shishitos are small, mild peppers from Japan. Their flavor is sweet and slightly smokey, not spicy—but careful! One in ten shishito peppers will be hot.

How do I cook shishito peppers?
The simplest preparation might just be the best: blister the shishito peppers on the grill (or roast in the oven with olive oil) and sprinkle with salt. This will unlock their full flavor and hints of smokiness. 

In restaurants, shishitos are often served whole as a bar snack, stuffed with cheese, or with flavors from the Asian Diet like sesame, soy sauce, and yuzu. The entire pepper is edible, seeds and all. 

Where can I buy shishito peppers?
You may be able to find shishito peppers year-round in supermarkets and Asian grocery stores. They often pop up at farmer’s markets during their growing season in summer through early fall.

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Lori Wojciechowski
I want to cook with more varieties of produce, but I’m hesitant. Not sure how to prepare and cook with them.
Hi Lori! You will find plenty of inspiration on our site. You can also check out our 12 Ways To Use Vegetables Book! There is a link to it at the bottom of this blog.
Laurie Adams
I’ve been growing Shishitos for a few years now. This years batch is extremely hot. Some are old plants and some are new . All super hot. It’s far hotter then our jalapeños . I didnt know if the red cayenne peppers next to them did something to the soil or something . But our abundant crop is unbearable to eat and we eat hot peppers
It probably was cross pollinated by the hot chillis.

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