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Got whole grains on the brain? We thought so. In fact, 2 of 3 people make at least half their grains whole, based on the Oldways Whole Grains Council’s 2015 consumer insights survey (see #3). That’s why our 6th Annual Whole Grain Sampling Day on March 30 is such a huge deal, and why this year’s event is set to be bigger than ever.

Here are 5 more reasons to celebrate Whole Grain Sampling Day on March 30:

1. Samples and Coupons and Cooking Classes, Oh My!

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Our favorite part about Whole Grain Sampling Day is simple: It’s a great excuse to celebrate whole grains, from their many nutritional benefits to all the delicious ways to enjoy them. Our WGSD partners are all using March 30 to highlight their whole grain offerings. This year’s events are reaching new heights of creative and delicious ways to talk whole grains: cooking classes, free samples and tastings, social media giveaways, exclusive WGSD menu items, and so much more. Check out all our 2016 partners (right). Learn about all the WGSD events here and find an event near you. Here’s how Oldways is celebrating WGSD:

  • We’re taking over the @OnlyInBOS Snapchat on March 28 to give you a preview of all the whole grain goodness we’re digging into on the big day.
  • We’re TWITTER PARTYING on March 30 from 2-3pm ET. All Twitter party participants that use #SampleWholeGrains will be entered to win a copy of Cooking Light’s new cookbook, Everyday Whole Grains. Check out the book here. Follow us @OldwaysPT.
  • Our Whole Grains Council program manager is co-leading two cooking classes at Boston Public Market’s KITCHEN on the 30th. Visit bostonpublicmarket.org/kitchen to register.
  • We’re eating LOTS of whole grains (what else is new?).

2. The Whole Truth Comes Out

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The Oldways Whole Grains Council loves educating people about whole grains — just look at our Whole Grain Stamp’s success at guiding people to whole grain goodness. Unfortunately for whole grains, there is a lot of false information out there, so we strive to combat that with science-based facts about whole grains. Here are some of our favorite whole grain myths busted.

  • Myth: Whole grains cause inflammation. FALSE!
  • Myth: All grains make your blood sugar spike. FALSE!
  • Myth: Wheat is the reason we’re overweight and obese. FALSE!
  • Myth: Grain brain is a thing. FALSE!

See the complete myth busters “whole grain edition” here.

3. All the Recipes

At our Finding Common Ground conference last November, the nutrition experts all agreed that food must be good for human and planetary health, and unapologetically delicious. Whole grains are NO exception to this rule, and we have the recipes to prove it. Here are some unique whole grain creations from some of our Whole Grains Council members and advisors:

Peruvian Quinoa Shrimp Chicharrones with Green Aji Sauce from Robin Asbell. Recipe.

Whole Grain Penne with Cabbage and Mushrooms from Barilla. Recipe.

Lemon Mint Freekeh Salad from Bob’s Red Mill. Recipe.

Yellow Squash Stuffed with Saffron Rye Berries from Sharon Palmer. Recipe.

Stuffed Turkey Burgers with Smoky Aioli from the Quaker Oats Company. Recipe.

Mediterranean Mussels with Farro and White Wine from Maria Speck. Recipe.

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4. All Aboard the Whole Grain Bandwagon

If there’s one bandwagon to be proud of jumping on, it’s whole grains. Our 2015 Consumer Insights Survey (see infographic, right) was full of promising statistics that all point to whole grains becoming the norm. Full survey results her.

Interestingly, amid all the whole grain consumption the most common whole grain is whole wheat — though there are so many other grains to enjoy. That said, Whole Grain Sampling Day is also an incredible way to try out new grains, at WGSD events or at home.

5. There’s a Whole Grain Song

We teamed up with Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, GRAMMY® Award-winning children’s musicians, to create a fun tune to get kids excited about whole grains. The Whole Grain Train song is the perfect sing-along for children in preschool and lower elementary classes, for scout groups, church groups, or any gathering of young children.

The song encourages positive attitudes toward healthy eating, and reinforces the idea that food should be healthy, delicious and fun — all at once! See how quickly your kids can learn the names of a dozen different whole grains, and giggle along with some great ideas for eating those grains. Download the song here.

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