You Can Do It: 360 Clever Ways to Use Pantry Staples is a free e-book filled with 100’s of creative ways to use pantry supplies. 

360 Ways to Use Pantry Staples Ebook

Whether you have a couple of carrots, a can of tuna, or pomegranate seeds, you will find great ideas for using them in this guide about how to use pantry staples. This e-book provides suggestions for how to use many classic pantry staples like canned beans, peanut butter, fruits, vegetables, and spices. No matter what’s in your pantry or refrigerator, use this e-book for ideas to help you maximize what you have and lift you from cooking ruts. We hope these suggestions will also inspire you to dream up your own creative recipes!

Whether you’re eager to cook or simply want to use the food you have to put a meal on the table, this guide is here to help you. When times are tough and when times are good: You can do it!

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