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Join Oldways’ longtime friends, and cooks extraordinaire, Aglaia Kremezi and Costas Moraitis for a custom cooking vacation on the gorgeous Greek island of Kea. 

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At Kea Artisanal, award-winning and internationally renowned cookbook author Aglaia Kremezi with her husband, Costas Moraitis and a select group of friends, lead you on a fascinating journey through authentic Greek island and Mediterranean food. You will stay at a hotel on Kea, and visit Aglaia and Costas’ home each day for the cooking programs. 

Activities during your cooking vacation on Kea may include:

  • Four cooking classes with Aglaia and her assistants followed by long leisurely Mediterranean lunches al fresco
  • Interesting new Greek wine labels paired with daily menus
  • Hike and swim in the pristine beach at Carthaea after a visit to the serene archeological site there
  • Sunset walk to the main town and landmark ancient smiling lion
  • Two or three restaurant dinners

For a detailed sample six-day program schedule, please inquire.

One-day experiences are also available. Please inquire below if interested!

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About Kea

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Less than two hours away from the Athens airport, Kea is an unspoiled Cycladic island that managed to resist the pressures of time and has maintained the traditional Aegean rhythms, authentically simple life, and ways of the past.

Kea is the northern-most island of the Cyclades, thirteen miles southeast off the tip of Attica, the region around Athens. Approximately fifty square miles in area, the island is characterized by a mountainous terrain outlined by pristine beaches. The island has a commitment to preserving local agriculture and the authentic Mediterranean landscape and way of life.


About Aglaia Kremezi & Costas Moraitis


Aglaia has changed her life and her profession many times over. She currently writes about food in Greek, European and American magazines, publishes books about Greek and Mediterranean cooking in the US and in Greece, and teaches cooking to small groups of travelers who visit Kea. She is a consultant at the José Andrés group Zaytinya restaurants in Washington DC and New York City.

Costas studied English in Athens and Vermont, and continued with Biblical Studies at Yale. He returned to Greece to pursue an academic career, and taught for several years. The summer of 2001, Costas, Aglaia and their two dogs, Popie and Melech, loaded their small SUV and left their Athens flat with an armchair tied to the car’s roof. They embarked on vacation to their newly constructed summer house on the island of Kea. They never returned to the city…

Read about Aglaia’s thoughts on “the key to Greek Cuisine” here.


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