Phil Meldrum founded FoodMatch in 1996 with a vision to bring all-natural, artisanal Mediterranean specialty foods to the American market. His mission was to deliver the original taste of olives and antipasti to the American consumer, so that they could experience these foods, as though they were actually in the Mediterranean. FoodMatch became a vertically integrated partner with growers and now supports communities throughout the Mediterranean, preserving the way of life of generations past for generations to come, as well as protecting the biodiversity and ecological integrity of the environment in these regions. From retail supermarkets to foodservice, FoodMatch is a trusted source for authentic Mediterranean foods in all channels of the industry.

Phil has been a collaborator and participant in Oldways events since 1999 when he joined Oldways at an International Symposium for food writers, specialty food retailers and chefs in Lesbos and Chios, Greece. After only a few days in Greece we saw the breadth and depth of Phil’s knowledge about Mediterranean products, and asked him to give an hour-long introduction to olives (“Olives 101”) for the group of 80+ food experts attending the Symposium. He did this eloquently, with all of us gathered around him in the main town square of the ancient mastic village of Pirgi in Chios. Since then, as FoodMatch has grown, his involvement with Oldways has also continued to grow, including membership in the Whole Grains Council and Mediterranean Foods Alliance, and now as a member of the Oldways Board of Directors. He brings both passion and interest in food, plus business expertise to the Board, a wonderful winning combination.

He has been an independent voting member of the Oldways Board of Directors since March, 2011.