Better health comes faster with fish and seafood because they provide lean, high-quality protein, and important nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, selenium, zinc and more. 

This toolkit shares ways to get more nutrient-rich fish and seafood into daily routines, even for those whose lifestyle leaves little time to plan and prepare. The more consumers know about the many different, delicious ways to eat well, the better their chances for improving health and well-being.

This toolkit is sponsored by Chicken of the Sea. Word versions and JPEG images of the kit contents are available at Chicken of the Sea.

Albacore Sushi

Now there’s no excuse not to get more seafood into your day. Albacore tuna is a great way to get nutrient-rich, lean protein on the go. Available in many forms to fit your meal or mindset, albacore now also comes in easy-open cans to make heart-healthy meals quick and easy.

Not A Fish Lover

There are so many reasons to love seafood. It’s delicious, light and rich in nutrients like Omega-3s and more. It’s brain boosting and heart healthy, too. But what if someone simply doesn’t like seafood? You can still get them hooked. Mild-tasting albacore tuna is the easy way in.

Charcuterie Board with Sardines

Sardines – the tiny fish that packs tremendous taste – is super rich in nutrients and one of the sea’s most sustainable.  Rich, flavorful sardines are trending in restaurants, and also in homes, as more people are bringing this tasty treat to their tables, serving a more sophisticated plate to guests and family. 

Chicken of the Sea