Cooking healthy, delicious meals is easier if you stock your pantry with staples common to many Mediterranean dishes. To make your life easier, we’ve created a standard shopping list including all the key basics. Our advice? Print out the list and stick it on your fridge with a few magnets, then check off items during the week as you run out of them or as you plan your meals for the coming days. Then, when you’re ready to shop, all the inspiration you need for better meals will be right at your fingertips.


You can download a single copy of the Mediterranean Diet Grocery List for free on the PDF link above. Or, use the link below to go to our store to buy a pad of 50 shopping lists you can use week after week.

Available either as a downloadable PDF (at the PDF link above) or as a pre-printed hard copy.

To purchase hard copies of the grocery list, please visit our Oldways store at the link below.