Oldways has a worldwide reputation for translating the science of nutrition into compelling and clear public health messages. Our emphasis on whole foods (rather than nutrients) and on practical advice (rather than dry theory) combine to make our research and writing services an excellent value for organizations and companies looking for help in communication.

Special Pasta News Project

What can we do for your organization? Perhaps a few examples from past and current clients will inspire you to contact Sara Baer-Sinnott to discuss your own project.

Pasta Newsletter

We research and write original content for a monthly email newsletter on pasta, for a pasta promotion group. Pasta is frequently maligned by those who aren’t aware of its low glycemic index and of the way pasta contributes to consumption of other healthy foods (like tomatoes, olive oil, and seasonal vegetables) through balanced pasta meals. Our work helps consumers and journalists alike understand the role of pasta in health and sustainable food systems.

Eggs and the Mediterranean Diet

Oldways has long been a trusted voice on traditional ingredients and cuisine, so when the Egg Nutrition Center wanted to show consumers how eggs fit into the traditional Mediterranean Diet, we documented the historical culinary uses and nutrition contributions, and created copy for a small brochure.

Special Beans Project

Canned Beans

A manufacturer of canned beans turned to us to help educate consumers on how quick and delicious weeknight meals can be made with canned beans – often seen as an unglamorous food. We used our contacts with leading chefs to collect fresh and appealing recipes for healthy family meals, and to create a consumer brochure.

Pulses Presentation AT FNCE

Pulses (dried peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas) are inexpensive nutritional powerhouses that very few people eat enough of, so we were excited to work with a pulse promotion group to help change that! Using our wide network of culinary and nutrition experts, we brought together authorities in the field of nutrition research and nutrition communications to create an educational seminar, which was accepted for the annual FNCE dietitians’ conference. Our session was even chosen as a “spotlight session” by one of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ practice groups. 

Foodservice Education

For a chain of senior living facilities that was interested in bringing the good tastes and health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet to its residents and staff, our dietitian made a series of custom presentations to their chefs and other foodservice staff about an overview of the Med Diet, and how it can be incorporated in their facility. She also calculated nutrition analysis for their recipes, and developed a series of healthy desserts – featuring fruits, nuts, whole grains and other ingredients – to finish off residents’ meals.