In line with our mission of Health through Heritage, Oldways creates special events around the world, to highlight healthy foods and drinks. Often we initiate a project or conference that we think will further our cause. Other times, the spark is a client who comes to us with a good idea that aligns with our goals. In that case, we work with them to come up with a compelling and scientifically-grounded concept that will be cost-effective and have long-lasting impact. Here’s just a sample of special conferences, programs or events we’ve designed and executed in recent years:

Glycemic Index, Load and Response and ICQC

Oldways partnered with the Nutrition Foundation of Italy (NFI) to organize an International Consensus Summit on Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load and Glycemic Response on June 6-7, 2013 in Stresa, in the Italian Lakes District, north of Milan.

The purposes of this meeting were:
  • to bring together international experts in the field of carbohydrates and health in order to present/discuss the issues related to the role of glycemic index/glycemic load/glycemic response in the prevention and treatment of disease; and
  • to develop a solid Scientific Consensus Statement on what can be agreed upon regarding glycemic index/glycemic load/glycemic response. This document was drafted by speakers at the end of the Summit in a separate afternoon session on June 7.

For a full report on the conference, from speakers’ presentations to the final 20-point consensus program, click here.

After the initial 2013 conference, scientists who participated in the Stresa meeting have continued their work as the International Carbohydrate Quality Consortium. Their 2017 meeting in Rome resulted in a Whole Grains Consensus Statement.

Healthy Pasta Meals

For many years, we’ve worked with the International Pasta Organization and other clients to highlight the science of pasta and its role in a healthy diet. Oldways’ efforts helped push back the excesses of the low-carb movement. And in fact, we’re so fond of pasta we have a dedicated pasta page here on the Oldways site. Projects have included:

  • 2015 World Pasta Day Scientific Consensus Conference. Twenty scientists from nine countries met in Milan in October 2015 to present pasta research.
  • The Scientific Consensus about the Healthy Pasta Meal. A two-hour scientific symposium at the FENS (Federation of European Nutrition Societies) conference. (Madrid, 2011)
  • World Pasta Day. Ongoing collaboration to highlight the healthy pasta meal, involving both scientists and chefs. (Rome 2011, New York City 2009, Istanbul 2008, Mexico City 2007, Rome 2006, Barcelona 2005, New York City 2004)
  • Pasta For All (2007, 2011) and Pasta for Children Around the World (2008). We created a guide combining the science of pasta with delicious recipes, and a nutrition and cooking curriculum for kids.
  • Healthy Pasta Meals. A two-day scientific consensus conference to explore pasta and carbohydrate digestion, resulting in this Scientific Consensus Statement about healthy pasta meals. (Rio de Janeiro, 2010)
  • “Pasta Fights Back” Healthy Pasta Meal Conference. Scientific consensus conference to create original statement on the benefits of the healthy pasta meal. (Rome 2004)

South Australia

Oldways has worked with South Australian government to help the world become more aware of South Australia’s culinary tourism experiences, excellent wines and specialty foods. Projects have included:

  • Adelaide Food Summit and Tasting Australia. We hosted this two-day event to increase culinary tourism to South Australia. (Adelaide, 2010)
  • Adelaide Food Summit. A similar event, drawing media attention to the culinary specialties of South Australia. (Adelaide 2007)

Resistant Starch

We’re always intrigued when research sheds light on previously-unknown benefits of a range of traditional whole foods. When ermerging science documented a new type of dietary fiber in foods ranging from bananas and potatoes to legumes and whole grains, we paired with National Starch Food Innovation to tell the story. As a result of Oldways efforts, resistant starch is now widely touted in the mainstream press as a healthy component in many whole foods. Projects have included:

  • The New Fiber Story: Resistant Starch. One-day conference for media and registered dietitians, updating the science of resistant starch. (Philadelphia, 2007)
  • Making Fiber Irresistible: Resistant Starch is Natural. One-day conference featuring leading scientists studying resistant starch. (Chicago, 2005)

Wine and Health

To highlight the link between appropriate wine consumption and good health, we’ve worked with clients including Italy’s National Conservatory for the Conscious Consumption of Wine. Oldways’ work – starting with our unprecedented featuring of wine in the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid and including the creation of Sensible Wine Drinking Guidelines – has helped establish the role of this most-traditional beverage in a healthy diet. Projects have included:

  • The Truth about Wine: An International Scientific Workshop. An educational and culinary workshop where we worked with scientists to create a consensus statement. (Cavour, Italy, 2010)
  • Wine’s Place at a Healthy Table. A one-day event for media and health professionals, updating the science. (New York, 1996)
  • Wine and Health Conference (San Francisco, 1994)
  • Wine and Diverging Models of Health Eating: The French Paradox. Only months after Serge Renaud introduced The French Paradox on 60 Minutes, we held an event in NYC with him, to flesh out the science. (New York City, 1992)

These are only a sampling of the custom events and projects we’ve created in partnership with companies seeking to promote traditional foods and their scientifically-documented health benefits. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how Oldways could design and execute a special or custom program for your company. We are always delighted to help promote healthy foods that are aligned with our mission of creating health through heritage. Contact Sara Baer-Sinnott, President, (617) 421-5500 or to discuss your project or conference and to request a custom quote.