The Oldways Vegetarian Network (OVN) brings together the world’s leading plant-based nutrition researchers, nutrition experts, food companies and culinary professionals to promote the health benefits of a vegetarian diet celebrating traditional, whole plant foods.

The OVN was created in 2013, inspired by our update of the Oldways Vegetarian Diet Pyramid, which for the first time included vegan guidelines. To extend and expand the reach of this updated Pyramid, and with an overall goal of increasing consumption of plant foods, the OVN reaches consumers, media, health professionals, and others with program activities, including our Oldways 4-week Vegetarian and Vegan Diet Menu Plan book, recipe collection, the “Vege Pledge,” restaurant connections, toolkits, website resources, and more.

Look to the Oldways Vegetarian Network as:

  • A primary resource for reliable nutrition information on vegetarian diets and plant-based eating
  • A clearinghouse for an array of science-based materials available for download on the Oldways website
  • An ally to help dispel myths and knock down barriers that interfere with eating more plant foods
  • An advocate for bringing awareness to cultural traditions and the heritage of vegetarian eating
  • A supporter of delicious vegetarian food, with myriad recipes available on the Oldways website.  
  • A partner with the food industry to help support plant-based nutrition choices
  • A network that brings together experts in the field of vegetarian nutrition, cooking, and culture