Oldways held an extraordinary, cutting-edge conference on November 17 and 18, 2015. Troubled by the public perception that the nutrition experts all disagree and that there’s no clear message on how to eat well, we gathered some of the world’s top nutrition scientists in one room — and shut the door until they found common ground, and came up with a Consensus Statement detailing their points of agreement. 

Common Ground Consensus Statement

A group of the world’s leading nutrition scientists met in Boston in November 2015 to agree on eleven points of consensus about healthy eating fundamentals. Read the full Consensus Statement.


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Oldways Science and Media Clearinghouse

To write compelling and accurate stories about health and nutrition, journalists need to reach key experts. To help the media, Oldways now provides a “matchmaking” service to journalists connect with scientific experts on food and nutrition topics. Review the list of Clearinghouse Scientists & Areas of Expertise…


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The Faces & Foods of Common Ground

This selection of photos from all three days of the Finding Common Ground conference includes portraits of attendees, shots of delicious heritage-inspired conference meals, and more. Browse the Photo Gallery…


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Exclusive Video Highlights & Interviews

In addition to filming presentations (videos below), Oldways conducted exclusive interviews with speakers and panelists to give them the opportunity to distill their studies, plus what they learned at the conference. These short clips are a great introduction to Finding Common Ground. Watch the Video Highlights…


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Speaker Presentations and Videos

The Finding Common Ground conference included nine sessions exploring different approaches to healthy diet, and the evidence for each one, followed by three sessions on communicating about healthy ways to eat.

We’ve posted the full program of the conference, with PowerPoint files from most sessions, as well as videos. (Note: some presenters, especially those on panels, may not have used onscreen presentations.) You may also download the program book to review scientists’ abstracts. For most of the sessions, copies of speakers’ presentations are available.  View and Listen to Presentations…