Updated-March 2020


The Oldways Cheese Coalition has prepared these answers in response to questions about the tariffs announced by the Office of United States Trade Representative (USTR). These tariffs are misdirected and will negatively impact small businesses in the United States and American consumers, in retaliation for matters relating to civil aviation, not agriculture.


What are the trade tariffs?

The US and the EU are currently in a trade dispute on matters of civil aviation. The US is accusing some EU countries of illegally giving tax breaks and incentives to the airplane company AirBus. In retaliation, the US announced extra tariffs for European products, including cheese, olives, liquors, and many other food items. See the list of products that have been targeted.

Will the trade tariffs affect cheese?

The announced tariffs may cause imported cheese prices to increase. 90% of imported cheeses from the European Union are targeted. 

What is the OCC doing in response to the tariffs?

The OCC submitted comments to the USTR on August 5, 2019 and on January 6, 2020. View our most recent comments (PDF), which were submitted on March 17, 2020. 

We alerted our members and followers to submit their comments to the USTR, and provided materials for them to do so. 

The OCC is working with allies in the food industry to understand the impact these tariffs will have for consumers.