Have you seen our catalogue of food and health videos on our YouTube channel? Just in case you haven’t wandered over there lately, however, we’ve posted some of our most-watched videos here. Our videos will give you a free peek at some of our most recent conference speakers, show you what’s unique and special about our programs, and inspire you to enjoy some delicious and fun foods.

A Taste of African Heritage (8:06)

“Diabetes is not part of African-Americans’ heritage. Neither is heart disease. What is in your heritage is a healthy heart, a strong body, extraordinary energy, vibrant and delicious foods, and a long healthy life.” Oldways six-session community cooking curriculum, A Taste of African Heritage, has already inspired people in more than 100 communities across the country to learn about the healthy foods of their African ancestors. This video poignantly explains the scope and impact of Oldways’ A Taste of African Heritage program. Can we inspire you to get involved, as a teacher or as a student?

Pasta is energy that keeps you fuller longer (3:04)

In this lesson, you’ll learn why pasta is energy that keeps you fuller for longer.


How to Pop Amaranth (2:38)

Bet you thought popcorn was the only grain you could pop. More than 70,000 people have learned how to pop amaranth from this short, fun video. Or try sorghum — it’s a good “popper” too. (Note: your success in popping amaranth and sorghum may depend on the moisture level in the grain you buy. If you don’t have any luck, switch back to popcorn, which is a pretty cool whole grain snack too!)


What Did Paleo Man Really Eat? (38:53)

Does the Paleo Diet make sense? What does constitute healthy eating? How do we know? Dr. David Katz, Founding Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center, displays a refreshing mix of humor and common sense as he explores this timely topic at Oldways’ Whole Grains: Breaking Barriers conference in November, 2014.