Creamy Maple Breakfast at Teff-any's

This hearty gluten-free breakfast is perfect for morning on the go. 

Teff and Cocoa Energy Bites.jpeg

Teff lends a pleasing crunch and delicious, nutty flavor to these fruit-and-nut energy bites. Pack for your next day trip, hike, or on-the-go snack!...

Maple Sweet Potato Teff Porridge

Teff is an ancient grain that hails from Ethiopia. The tiny, cocoa-scented grains have a texture similar to grits or cream of wheat when cooked into a porridge. For a Southern twist on this African Heritage dish, we also include sweet potatoes and pecans....

Great Potential for Using Teff in Food Products

Teff, a gluten-free grain native to the Horn of Africa, is best known as the base of injera bread, the spongy Ethiopian flatbread. Despite its huge potential, especially in gluten-free cuisine, teff products only make up a small percentage of the overall grain market. In this study, researchers analyze how teff affects the taste and texture of various food products, including bread, pasta, cookies, injera, and beverages. They also found that teff improves the nutrition of food products, providing fiber, iron, protein, and other essential nutrients, and note that teff is well-suited for harsh and dry environmental climates, like those found in India and China. In short, the authors conclude that “there is great potential to adapt teff to the other parts of the world for healthy food and beverage production.”
Food Chemistry. 2018 Jan 15;239:402-415. (Zhu F et al.)

Teff Polenta with Ethiopian Chicken Stew

A streamlined and mild version of the traditional Ethiopian chicken wot, a fiery stew seasoned with chiles and a mix of mostly sweet species called berbere. ...

Slow Cooker Teff, Millet and Bean Vegan Chili

When the leaves turn colors, put on a comfy sweater and curl up with a bowl of thick and hearty chili. This chili is full of flavor and it gets its stick-to-your-ribs feeling from the teff and millet which actually mimic ground meat. Freeze the extras for last minute meals on nights...

Coconut Curry Teff and Lentil Vegetable Stew

This sweet and savory main course stew is even more luscious with ghee drizzled over it as a garnish. Serve with a salad for an enjoyable meal.

Millet and Teff with Squash and Onions

Go with the grain! Teff grain is great mixed with other grains to create a texturally interesting dish. Like this recipe that includes millet plus squash and onions for a hearty fall or winter side dish....

Overnight Waffles

Sometimes grabbing the wrong spice jar is the right thing to happen to a recipe. With an absent mind, I was combining orange and cardamom, a classic pairing, when I found myself grinding whole coriander seeds instead. Knowing teff’s unusual character, I decided to give the accidental pair a try....

a bowl of chocolatey looking porridge in a yellow bowl

Teff has been cultivated in Ethiopia for nearly 3,000 years.  Teff flour is used to make Ethiopia’s staple flatbread, injera. The teff grain is very small and packs a sweet toasted flavor, making for a wonderful porridge. This hearty recipe is perfect for any morning — serve it steaming hot...

Graham Crackers Kim Boyce

Nothing gets a four-year-old’s attention quite as quickly as the mention of graham crackers, or “grahams,” as they’re called at my daughter’s nursery school. Named after Reverend Sylvester Graham, these cookies are made with a blend of graham flour (coarsely ground whole wheat), teff flour, and...

Teff Waffles

These waffles are delicious with or without a topping. There’s enough maple syrup in the batter that I never feel a need to pour more on top.


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