Brown Sugar Rice Cream

I’m always on the hunt to find ways to use leftovers. This is the perfect way to treat your family to a frozen dessert and pump up the servings of whole grains at the same time.

Sprouted Brown Rice Fights Diabetes

In Japan, six men and five women with impaired fasting glucose (pre-diabetes) or type 2 diabetes were randomly assigned to eat either white rice or sprouted brown rice three times a day. After a two-week washout, subjects switched groups. Researchers reported that “blood concentrations of fasting blood glucose, fructosamine, serum total cholesterol and traicylglycerol were favorably improved on the sprouted brown rice diet but not on the white rice diet” suggesting that diets including sprouted brown rice may help control blood sugar.
Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology, April 2008; 54(2):163-8.

Black/Brown Rice More Effective in Weight Control

At the Department of Food and Nutrition at Hanyang University in Seoul, Korean researchers randomly assigned forty overweight adult women to two groups. For six weeks, one group ate meals containing white rice, while the other consumed otherwise-identical meals with a mix of black and brown rice. While both groups showed significant reductions in weight, BMI and body fat, the whole grain rice group surpassed the white rice group in all three measures. The whole grain group also saw an increase in HDL (good) cholesterol and in antioxidant activity.
Nutrition Research. February 2008; 28(2): 66-71.

Cardiovascular Risk Reduced by Sprouted Rice

In a Korean study, rats on a high-cholesterol diet were divided into four groups, a control group and three experimental groups which were fed (1) sprouted giant embryonic rice, (2) giant embryonic rice, or (3) conventional brown rice.  (Giant embryonic rice is rice with a larger germ than normal.)  Rats fed the sprouted rice saw a rise in their plasma HDL-cholesterol (“good cholesterol”) and other markers that led researchers to conclude that “consumption of germinated giant embryonic rice is effective in lowering atherosclerosis cardiovascular disease risk.”
Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, 2007; 51(6):519-26. Epub 2007 Dec 20.

Better Health for Nursing Mothers, with Sprouted Brown Rice

Forty-one breast-feeding Japanese mothers were randomly divided into two groups, one eating white rice and the other sprouted brown rice, for two weeks.  When psychological and immune tests were administered to both groups, the sprouted brown rice group was found to have decreased scores of depression, anger-hostility, and fatigue, and a significant increase in s-igA levels, indicating better immune system function.
European Journal of Nutrition, October 2007; 46(7):391-6. Epub 2007 Sep 20.

Indonesian Red Rice Salad

Indonesian cuisine is a riot of flavors. I like the sweetness of one of the red rices here, but any brown rice will also be delicious. Himalayan red rice takes less water, so use the smaller measure if using it, while the other red rices need more liquid.

Salmon Rice Packets

Adding orange zest and raisins to salmon gives the finished dish its signature flavor — and the use of foil when broiling virtually eliminates clean-up!

Tutti Frutti Rice Salad

Summer and autumn fruits mix with a sweet but zesty raspberry vinaigrette in this no-fuss brown rice salad.

Pear Walnut Rice Salad with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette

The sweetness of the pear combines perfectly with a tangy blue cheese vinaigrette in this light but satisfying rice salad.

Cremini Mushroom Rice Soup

This recipe combines rice, garlic, and mushrooms into a warm and filling soup that’s perfect for crisp fall nights.

Southwest Salsa Rice Bites

Whether your taste in salsa runs medium or hot, these little brown rice appetizers are sure to please!

Tilapia with Cheesy Roasted Pepper Rice

Known for its mild flavor and ability to adapt in any recipe, tilapia is the perfect fish to combine with roasted red peppers, chipotle salsa, and Parmesan cheese.


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