brown rice pudding

Is there anything more comforting than a warm, cinnamon-spiced bowl of rice pudding?  We don’t think so.  Here, we’ve boosted the nutritional value of this classic southern dessert by using brown rice. You can add raisins for bursts of fruity sweetness.

Hoppin John

Black-eyed peas are an easy dry bean, with no pre-soaking needed. For an even quicker dish, use drained and rinsed canned peas and quick cooking or leftover brown rice.


A classic southern gumbo usually starts with a roux, made by slowly browning flour and oil. This version uses a number of shortcuts to reduce the cooking time and make preparation a snap. Add chicken sausage if you wish, or make a vegetarian version by omitting the shrimp.


This protein-packed salad keeps in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. It’s good as a meal or as a side dish. Best if made a couple hours ahead so that flavors can blend. The lime juice keeps the avocado from turning brown. Buen Provecho!

South American Vegetable and Rice Soup

This hearty soup blends the best of Caribbean soup ingredients – black beans, tomato, and rice – all in one. The rich tomato base wraps the vegetables, beans, and rice in herb-filled flavor. 

Springtime Soup

This clever soup uses the asparagus spears for full flavor and saves the pretty tips for a salad or garnish. The lemon, spinach and asparagus announce “Spring is here!” Serve this beautiful jade soup for dinner with crusty French bread.

Brown Rice Pasta Mushroom Casserole

This hearty gluten-free vegan meal is loaded with all kinds of mushrooms and layers of fabulous flavors.  The ideal comfort food for a chilly night!

Penna alla Sorrentina

Make good use of those garden-fresh tomatoes with this simple and very satisfying meal.

Paella with Chicken, Chorizo and Shrimp

Traditionally, paella is made with white rice, but by switching to brown rice, you get great texture and a boost of nutrition.  This Spanish-inspired one-pot meal has chicken, chorizo and shrimp, but the scene-stealer in this recipe is the saffron.  Its tantalizing scent and warm flavor lend a...


A quick, easy and flavorful side that pairs well with salmon, chicken or pork.

Health Through Heritage with Whole Grains in India

Scientists at Columbia University and Stanford collaborated to reflect on the association between rapidly rising rates of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in India, and the adoption of refined carbohydrates – especially white rice and white flour – in that country. They advocated re-introduction of whole grains commonly consumed before 1950, including amaranth, barley, brown rice, millet, and sorghum, as a way to stem chronic disease in culturally-sensitive ways.
Nutrition Reviews, August 2011; 69(8):479-488

Brown Rice Apple Crisp

Traditionally, fruit crisps are made with oats alone, but nothing says other whole grains can’t join the party. Cook some extra rice at dinner tonight, and you’ll have a shortcut for tomorrow’s dessert. Two whole grains are better than one!


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