Asian Shiitake and Kale Bowl

This crunchy bowl has umami—the fifth taste—thanks to the savory flavors of shitake mushrooms, tofu, and soy sauce. And kale—rich in vitamins—is a super green food everyone should eat more of.

Whole Grains Reduce Inflammation through Gut Changes

Intake of whole grains has long been linked to decreases in the systemic inflammation that may be at the root of many chronic diseases. Researchers at the University of Nebraska recently completed a human trial that explored the mechanisms behind whole grains’ anti-inflammatory effects. They found that eating whole grains (barley, brown rice, or especially a mix of the two) even for a short period altered the gut microbiota in ways that coincided with improvements in systemic inflammation.
Gut Microbes, July 1, 2013; 4(4):340-6. (Walter et al.)

Mediterranean Chicken with Artichokes

This entree combines classic Mediterranean ingredients into a flavorful meal. Add a green side salad for a complete dinner.

Nori Rolls with Gingered Tofu

Grated beets and carrots combine with tofu, rice, and nori to create a beautiful mosaic pattern in every slice of this delicious roll. Cooking with black forbidden rice or red rice adds color, making them a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

Summer Veggies, Saffron, Sausage Pasta

 This flavorful pasta meal makes great use of the summer garden bounty.  

Promoting Health Benefits of Brown Rice May Improve Acceptance in India

Brown rice, which contains all of its healthy bran and germ, has more than twice as much fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, and magnesium as refined white rice, as well as more of many other essential nutrients. However, white rice is still more common in many places around the world. Nutrition researchers surveyed 82 adults in Chennai, India to learn about their attitudes and preferences towards different types of rice, and also conducted taste tests. “Cooking quality and appearance of the grains” were the most important factors shoppers considered when choosing rice. While most strongly preferred white rice, 93% of participants were willing to substitute brown rice, if affordable, after the taste tests and learning about the health benefits. The researchers conclude that “education regarding health benefits may help this population switch to brown” rice.
Journal of the American College of Nutrition. 2013 Feb;32(1):50-7. (Sudha V et al.) 

JollofRiceBlackEyedPeasGreens_KT copy.jpg

Jollof Rice is a much-loved traditional dish in West Africa, and it is the underpinning of Senegal’s national dish thiebou dienn, a meal of red rice and fish. Its name is derived from Senegal’s Wolof Empire and it is one of many tomato-based rice dishes found in African heritage. ...

Apple-Sage Wild Rice Stuffing

Providing 3 grams of fiber in every ½ cup serving, this gluten-free dish is low in saturated fat and an elegant companion dish to roast turkey.


Bright, colorful and flavorful salad combines the salty crunch of pistachios with tangy citrus and chewy, nutty wild and brown rice.

wild rice lentil salad

This main-dish salad combines flavors and textures that can easily be adapted depending on the season. While this recipe calls for arugula and vine-ripened tomatoes, which are at their peak in the summer, it is equally delicious in the fall or winter substituting kale and pine nuts. The key...

Black Beans and Brown Rice

A staple pair throughout the African diaspora, beans-and-rice can be enjoyed separately or together to round out any meal. Time saving tip: prepare extra brown rice and store the leftovers in the refrigerator or freezer for another meal.

Brown Rice & Red Beans in Light Coconut Milk

A Caribbean staple, this Red Beans & Rice recipe includes coconut milk, which gives the dish a creamy, flavorful finish.


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