Whole Grains Associated with Lower Risk of Diabetes

Whole grains are healthy carbohydrate foods that may be especially protective against type 2 diabetes. In this study, researchers analyzed the eating habits and health status of 55,465 middle-aged adults in Denmark. Those eating more whole grains were 11% and 7% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes (for men and women, respectively) over the 15-year study period. Rye bread, whole-grain bread, oatmeal, and muesli were all significantly associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes for both men and women, indicating a benefit for whole grains in general, rather than just one specific type of whole grain food.
The Journal of Nutrition. 2018 Sep 1;148(9):1434-1444. doi: 10.1093/jn/nxy112. (Kyrø C et al.)

lemon bars

The combination of lemon and tahini is a match made in the Mediterranean. For a healthier twist on this popular treat, we use tofu to lend the creaminess.

Peach crisp
Kelly Toups

When peaches aren’t in season, we make this simple crisp with apples, berries, or any other fresh fruit that’s available. For an even easier shortcut, you can use granola in place of the oat-olive oil-sugar mixture.

Oat Noodles (Instead of Refined Noodles) Can Help Reduce Cholesterol, Blood Pressure

Refined wheat and rice noodles are common staple foods throughout Asia today, so replacing some of these foods with whole grain versions could go a long way in improving health. To test the impact, researchers randomly assigned 84 healthy adults (some with mildly high cholesterol) in Taiwan to an oat noodle group or a refined wheat noodle group, providing them with 100 grams (about 1 ½ cups cooked) of their respective noodles across 1 or 2 meals each day for 10 weeks. After the 10-week study, the oat group reduced their total cholesterol by 17% and LDL-c (“bad”) cholesterol by 19% compared with the wheat noodle group. The oat noodle group also significantly lowered their blood pressure by 7-11%, but the wheat noodle group did not. The benefits tended to be stronger in people who started the study with slightly high cholesterol, but the results were still statistically significant for the group as a whole.
Journal of Food and Drug Analysis. 2018 April. [Epub ahead of print.] (Liao MY et al.)

oatmeal with dried cranberries

Similar to carrots, parsnips are an earthy root vegetable that pairs beautifully with autumn spices and sweetness.

overnight oatmeal with berries

Overnight oatmeal is the perfect grab-and-go breakfast. Try experimenting with different fruits and flavorings....

Oatmeal flavored with apricot and tahini

If fresh apricots are not in season or are not available near you, add 4 chopped, dried apricots to each bowl before serving.

Mosh, a milky Guatemalan oatmeal beverage

Mosh is a milky oatmeal beverage served for breakfast in Guatemala and some other Central American countries. Unlike in the US, it is simmered for a long time with lots of liquid, making it drinkable. In this version, we soak the oats overnight, so that they cook more quickly in the morning. ...

PB & J Overnight Oatmeal

Make a batch of this overnight oatmeal at the beginning of the week, and you’ll have a quick grab-and-go breakfast for the days ahead....

Cardamom Orange Overnight Oats.EP_.JPG

Cardamom and cinnamon may conjure up memories of wintertime dishes, but we enjoy these overnight oats year-round. You can substitute your favorite kind of milk and add any fruit on top! 

Peanut Granola

Make a big batch of this granola and keep it in a covered container in the pantry for easy breakfasts and after-school snacking. Or, pack it for lunch with Greek yogurt and fruit. Yum!


Easy make-ahead oatmeal-to-go, full of blueberries, toasted nuts and chia seeds.


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