a bowl of millet on a slate table

When prepared in this way, millet takes on a creamy, almost Thanksgiving stuffing-like texture. The goat cheese melts into the dish at the end, complementing the hearty flavors of the chicken, leeks, and sweet red grapes....

Millet-based Lunches Improve Health in Indian Children

Millet is a whole grain that has a rich history throughout India. However, in recent times, millet has been displaced by refined grains like white rice. In this study, researchers introduced millet-based lunches at 2 schools in Karnataka, India, and then compared the health outcomes of those 136 students to 102 students at 2 schools who ate their regular fortified rice-based lunches for 3 months. Those in the millet group significantly improved stunting (an important measure of growth and development) and BMI, while the rice group did not. Additionally, all of the millet meals had high acceptability, with the most popular ones being finger millet ildi (a steam cooked fermented savory cake), little and pearl millet bisi belle bath (a millet-lentil hot meal), and upma (a pearl and little millet-vegetable meal).
Nutrients. 2019 Sep 3;11(9). pii: E2077. doi: 10.3390/nu11092077.(Anitha S et al.)

stir fried whole grain noodles with kale, mushrooms, and tempeh

Tempeh is a fermented tofu product that is traditional to Indonesia. When served crumbled and stir fried in this recipe, it takes on a hearty, almost meaty texture.

Pancakes .jpg

This recipe by ATOAH Ambassador Tiffany Davis is a sweet way to fit two African heritage ingredients into your morning: millet and plantain. She suggests serving these delectable pancakes with a mix of one part honey to one part apple cider vinegar in...

Slow Cooker Teff, Millet and Bean Vegan Chili

When the leaves turn colors, put on a comfy sweater and curl up with a bowl of thick and hearty chili. This chili is full of flavor and it gets its stick-to-your-ribs feeling from the teff and millet which actually mimic ground meat. Freeze the extras for last minute meals on nights...

Millet and Teff with Squash and Onions

Go with the grain! Teff grain is great mixed with other grains to create a texturally interesting dish. Like this recipe that includes millet plus squash and onions for a hearty fall or winter side dish....

millet porridge topped with cherry compote and almonds

Spice up your morning breakfast routine with this cherry topped millet dish!


Millet is an an important African heritage grain that can be eaten at every meal. Try this porridge as a satisfying and healthy breakfast option. Pre-soaking the millet overnight, or at least for a few hours, is recommended to give the porridge a creamier texture. 

Millet Nori Wrap with Smoked Salmon

Thousands of years ago, before rice became popular, millet was the staple grain of Asia. While most whole grain sushi uses brown rice, the sticky quality of millet is perfectly suited for this purpose. Smoked salmon, which is often more accessible than sushi-grade raw fish, makes this...

millet with zucchini and chickpeas

Millet is a staple of continental African cuisine: it’s easy to digest and rich in nutrients. In this recipe, we add diced zucchini for a slight bit of crispness, curry powder for a hint of spice, chickpeas for added protein, and golden raisins for a delightful sweetness. ...

Oldways Manhattan Millet Cakes

Serve these cakes hot, on a bed of mixed greens, topped with mustard, guacamole, and/or edamame hummus.

Sprouting Increases Antioxidant Activity in Millet

Research shows that millet, a nutritious staple crop in many developing countries, can be made even more nutritious when the grains are sprouted. In a study in India, scientists measured the phenolic composition, antioxidant activity, and inhibitory properties against alpha-glucosidase and alpha-amylase (a mechanism that helps prevent spikes in blood sugar) of raw millet, germinated (sprouted) millet, and microwaved and steamed millet. The researchers found that “germinated millets showed highest phenolic content as well as superior antioxidant and enzyme inhibitory activities. These results suggest that germinated millet grains are a potential source of phenolic antioxidants and also great sources of strong natural inhibitors for α-amylase and α-glucosidase.”
Food Chemistry. 2014 Aug 13;169:455-63. (Pradeep PM et al.)


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