Artichoke Heart, Kale and Farro Salad

The dressing on this flavorful grain salad gets its creaminess from artichoke hearts....

Farro salad with fall vegetables

We love farro here, but this salad would also work well with other chewy whole grains like sorghum, spelt, wheat berries, barley, or even quinoa.

Mediterranean Farro & Fermentation Salad

Olives, yogurt, and traditional cheeses are all fermented foods. A buttery fish like salmon is the perfect pair for the tang of this salad....


Enjoy this Mediterranean grain cooked in a fragrant broth with mint, thyme, and sweet paprika. It’s delicious with mushrooms and peas, but can be adapted with your favorite vegetables!...

spinach salad with farro

When radishes and leafy greens start popping up at farmers markets, we love to make this Mediterranean-inspired salad.

Blog_November 22_Arugula.jpg

The mastery of this simple yet flavor-packed salad comes from a delicate balance of arugula’s peppery taste with the sweetness of pomegranate seeds. Farro adds a nutty, chewy whole grain texture that works well with the hazelnuts....

Farro, Tuna, and Chickpea Salad with Crumbled Feta

Give tuna a Mediterranean makeover in this hearty, whole grain salad. Feel free to substitute another hearty whole grain for the farro, such as brown rice, sorghum, barley, or Israeli couscous. You’ll need about one and one-third of a cup of cooked grains in place of the farro.

Farro Cabbage Salad

This salad is filling and flavorful, thanks to the farro and a spice-filled dressing. Cabbage adds crunch. For a different flavor, substitute packaged broccoli slaw for the cabbage. 

Mediterranean Mussels with Farro

To speed this recipe on its way to your table, the farro and the stew can be prepared up to three days ahead. Purchase the muscles the day they’re to be cooked and simply reheat the stew before adding the mussels and farro in Step 4.

Farr with Pistachios and Herbs

Farro is a high-fiber whole grain that is an ancestor of modern wheat. It is commonly used in Italian cooking and is becoming more popular in the U.S. Find it in natural-foods stores and amazon.com. Cooked barley can be used as a substitute.

Italian Farro Bean Soup

This soup was a big hit at the Whole Grains Council’s 2011 conference in Portland, Oregon. The creative chef there cooked everything together,  then separated the broth from the vegetables, beans and farro. We had the fun of adding hot broth to our cup o’ goodies – a great alternative to...

Tailgater's Favorite Stew

Nothing is more appealing on a blustery day than a big serving of this ambrosial stew. It’s great for potlucks and outdoor get-togethers because it’s easily transportable and there is nothing to add.


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