soba noodle and cabbage salad

Soba are Japanese noodles traditionally made from buckwheat flour, meaning they are naturally gluten-free. The key to keeping soba texture springy and chewy rather than gummy and mushy is to give them a thorough rinse in cold water after cooking....

Arugula Salad with Chicken, Dates and Buckwheat Hemp Crumble

For a delightfully crunchy salad topping, toast equal parts raw buckwheat and hemp hearts over a warm skillet. This crumble contributes a warm nuttiness to the dish that no crouton can rival. 

Kimchi Soba

This is a great buckwheat noodle dish, served either hot or cold, that has a serious kick to it!

Buttermilk Buckwheat Pancakes

At our house, weekends are just not complete without a stack of homemade pancakes.  Normally, I use whole white wheat flour, but this time I substituted half of the flour for buckwheat flour and fell in love!  It’s a perfect balance between delicate and hearty. 

Freestyle pho

The origins of pho have been debated for years with China and France boasting influence over this versatile Vietnamese dish. A fragrant vegetable stock poaches fish, cooks vibrant Chinese vegetables and five-spice tofu, and warms buckwheat noodles.

Kasha Beet Salad

I love the robust flavors of this hearty salad. Beets, parsley and feta are the perfect balance for assertive buckwheat. It’s a great combination and a wonderful buffet dish, particularly if you’re serving to guests who are sensitive to gluten, as buckwheat is gluten-free.

Kasha Vernishkes

When I was growing up, the only whole grain my mother made was kasha, and she made it so well that I still consult her. Here’s a gluten-free variation of her kasha varnishkes, made with golden quinoa-corn elbows. Corn pasta provides great eye appeal, but you can use any type of gluten-free...

Buckwheat Pumpkin Muffins

Cream of Buckwheat hot cereal is a wonderful staple to have in your kitchen pantry because it makes very quick hot cereal on a cold morning. You can also grind it into flour with a little coffee or spice grinder and use it in baking.

Buckwheat Kreplach

The small dumplings known as kreplach can be served with a sauce, as they are here, or simply floated in broth for a light meal. This is a gussied-up version of a simpler kreplach that is made with handmade dough.

Buckwheat Enhanced Gluten-free Bread a Healthier Gluten-free Alternative

Researches from the Polish Academy of Sciences recently published a study suggesting substituting some or all of the corn starch in many traditional gluten-free bread recipes with buckwheat flour. In addition to providing higher levels of antioxidants, B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, the study indicated that swapping 40% of the corn starch for buckwheat flour also increased its “overall sensory quality” when compared to the gluten-free bread used in the control. Although recipes were tested with anywhere from 10-40% buckwheat flour, the conclusion clearly points to the 40% buckwheat flour results as having the most nutritional benefits for celiac sufferers.
International Journal of Food Science and Technology, October 2010; 45(10):1993–2000. Epub August 25, 2010.

Naturally Gluten-Free Grains May Be Cross-Contaminated

A Polish team from the Instytut Zywnosci in Warsaw analyzed 22 gluten-free products and 19 naturally gluten-free grains and flours, for gluten content. Gluten content in the products ranged from 5.19 to 57.16 mg/kg. In the inherently gluten-free grains and flours, no gluten was detected in rice and buckwheat samples, but was detected in rice flakes (7.05 mg/kg) in pearl millet (27.51 mg/kg) and in oats (>100 mg/kg). ?(Poland)
Rocz Panstw Zaki Hig. 2010; 61(1):51-5. ??

Meanwhile, in the U.S., Tricia Thompson, MS, RD, a nutrition consultant specializing in gluten-free diets, arranged for gluten-testing of 22 retail samples of inherently gluten-free grains, seeds, and flours. She found contamination of 20 to 2925 ppm in seven of 22 samples, putting them over the proposed FDA limit of 20 ppm, with lower levels in some others. Both articles point to the importance of gluten-free certification even on foods that are naturally gluten-free, such as millet.?(USA)
Journal of the American Dietetic Association. June 2010; 110(6):937-40.

Quinoa Offers Antioxidants for Gluten-Free Diets

Researchers suggest that adding quinoa or buckwheat to gluten-free products significantly increases their polyphenol content, as compared to typical gluten-free products made with rice, corn, and potato flour. Products made with quinoa or buckwheat contained more antioxidants compared with both wheat products and the control gluten-free products. Also of note: antioxidant activity increased with sprouting, and decreased with breadmaking.
Food Chemistry, March 2010; 119 (2): 770-778.


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