Oldways Culinaria Travel

Explore food, wine, and culinary traditions with Oldways chefs and experts, to learn the true heart of cultures worldwide. We organize one or two very special trips each year and invite you to join our next Culinaria adventure.

CPE Credits
Looking for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programs for dietitians and dietetic technicians? We’re a CPE Accredited Provider, with choices including webinars, conferences, and videos.
Cooking Class A Taste of African Heritage
Our six-week cooking program, A Taste of African Heritage, celebrates the healthy food traditions of the African Diaspora. It’s being hosted by community activists around the USA. If you’re interested in teaching – or taking – a class series, check out the details.
Together with health professionals and our supporters, we’re making a difference in the grocery store, doctor’s office, and in the community. Contact us to share your stories and photos of how you’re using ONE materials to help others develop healthier lifestyles.
Oldways at FNCE 2016
Take advantage of our programs and projects! Oldways conferences are legendary for their cutting-edge speakers and great food, and we have fun celebrations throughout the year, such as International Mediterranean Diet Month, Whole Grain Sampling Day, Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day, and African Heritage Week. Check out our event calendar frequently, so you won’t miss anything!

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Help make a difference – donate to Oldways today! Individual contributions from people like you are critical to our work in supporting Health through Heritage. Your generous gift will immediately be put to work helping us develop and carry out vibrant programs that make a difference. Contact Abby Sloane (asloane@oldwayspt.org) to make a donation.

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Your contributions ensure our continued engagement with other consumers like you, who are interested in preserving traditional cheeses and supporting artisan cheesemakers. Tell your friends and family about our work. There’s no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Join now and make a larger impact!


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Whether you’re looking to reach consumers directly with your healthy eating message, or you’re interested in reaching supermarkets, healthcare professionals, foodservice, or the media, Oldways has creative ways to partner with you. You can check them all out at the link above.

These programs all offer sponsorship opportunities:

License Oldways Content

Oldways’ experienced writers and nutrition communicators know how to translate the science of nutrition into content that anyone can understand. We’d like to see our content disseminated as widely as possible. You’d like to distribute or publish high-quality health materials using our Heritage Pyramids or Whole Grain Stamp. The solution? License and get permission to use our resources. Everyone wins!

Donate Food for a Cooking Class

We run A Taste of African Heritage classes across the country. If your company produces healthy, nonperishable foods like whole grains or legumes, we invite you to sign on as an in-kind donor. It’s a great way to promote your brand and do a good deed at the same time! Coming soon: we’ll be offering Latin American Heritage cooking and culture classes, with similar donor opportunities. Your donations enable our programming funds to go further. Contact Sade Anderson (sade@oldwayspt.org) for details.

Visit other Oldways websites

Whole Grains Council

The Oldways Whole Grains Council (WGC) helps consumers find whole grain foods and understand their health benefits; helps manufacturers and restaurants create delicious whole grain foods; and helps the media write accurate, compelling stories about whole grains. Learn more about the WGC on our website.

Oldways Cheese Coalition

The Oldways Cheese Coalition is an international effort of cheesemakers, retailers, and enthusiasts fighting to preserve their right to enjoy raw-milk and other traditional cheeses. Find out more about our work on our website.