These days, cooking looks a lot different than it ever has before. We’re here for you! This collection is filled with recipes and resources to get you through, and help you care for yourself and family during the coronavirus pandemic. Healthy recipes, kid-friendly cooking projects, swaps and substitutions for hard-to-find-ingredients, budgeting, pantry-stocking tips—you’ll find it below. 

Virtual Food and Nutrition Events from Across the Web

Easy Recipes & Ideas for Pantry Staples


You Can Do It: 360 Clever Ways to Use Pantry Staples 


Oldways Recipe Library

Filter by dish type, dietary preference, or search for the ingredients you want to use!


1 Can of Chickpeas, 7 New Recipes


28-Day Meal Plans & E-books

Slash Food Waste, Slash Your Grocery Bills


Seven Top Tips to Cut Food Waste


Secrets to Smarter Shopping


The Power of $2


Sustainable Diets: the Mediterranean and Beyond

Cooking More? Tips and Shortcuts from the Pros



Frozen Food Saves the Day

Freezing Food Guide

Use Your Ice Cube Tray to Eliminate Food Waste

Frozen Vegetables: Hello Easy Family Meals

8 Essential Tips for Stocking Your Freezer

No Meat? No Eggs? No Problem


10 Simple Steps to Enjoy More Plant Based Meals


With a Cornucopia of Plant Foods on Your Plate, You Won’t Miss the Meat



Beans and Rice: A Staple of Traditional Diets



5 Ways to Power Up with Plant Based Proteins

Stay Busy with a Cooking Project


6 Healthy Foods Anyone Can Make From Scratch


DIY Food Ideas


How to Make Pasta Dough from Scratch


7 Easy Ways to Start Homesteading

Ideas for Families


The Benefits of Cooking with Kids


Teaching Youth the Old Ways with ‘Good for Me’ Recipes

Tips for Feeding a Teenage Boy

Kid-Friendly Whole Grains

Staying Well


How to Stay Healthy with Exercise


Eating For Longevity: Lessons from Centenarians 

Whole Grains and Immune Health

What to Do When a Cold Comes On, According to Experts

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